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Spiritualstars Online School for Mediumship & The Portrait of Spirit 

The Spiritualstars Online School for Mediumship development and learning how to draw Spirit portraits has helped many students from around the world gain confidence in their skills. 
At present the website is being updated with brand new watch and learn videos, courses and workshops, so add the date: 20 April 2020 to your diary . Check back to grab one of the special offers that will be available ONLY on that day! Conditions may apply: 20 April 2020.
This website is to promote the development of people wanting to improve their Spiritual Communication with people who've crossed from this life to the next. As the main tutor of the courses, I promote Spirit Art teaching and but also 'standalone' teaching for solo Mediumship Development.

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Supporting learners to increase Spiritual awareness in Mediumship and Spirit Portraiture via Webinar Classes. Every lesson is experimental and no guarantees are given that any student will become either a Medium or Spirit Artist due to the Freewill and choices of each person.  Anne-Marie Bond

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