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The online webinar classes have been created for you should there be a need to develop your mediumistic skill a little further.


Advancing your Mediumship is about learning what it takes in order for you to become better at understanding the process and framework behind the Mediumship delivery.  Whether you want to progress as a Spirit Artist, learning how to articulate your Mediumship evidence is everything!  Mediumship Delivery is so much more than STAND UP and GIVE WHAT YOU GET, as you need to know 'what it is you're exactly getting' and secondly, how to translate that information so your audience - gets it! This session or others won't MAKE you a Medium in 1 or 2 hours, however, it will assist in providing you with the Fun, Educational knowledge to facilitate your spiritual development that maybe needed at this junction of time.

* CONFIDENCE * is the 2nd most common aspect people want to gain
* FEAR * is the most common No: 1 aspect people want to overcome

To get the very best from this event: Attend with an open-mind and no expectations and then you'll really be able to absorb all that is offered and walk away with an armful of useful practical help that will steer you in the right way.


Choosing Your Masterclass

Choose the Masterclass Webinar  you wish to join, once paid, you'll receive a confirmation email of payment followed by a registration link within a few days of the webinar commencing.  

Early reservation recommended.

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I look forward to seeing you.
Anne-Marie x


Anne-Marie Bond
Spiritualist Medium DSNUt, TAP.dip, Spiritual Artist
"Your progression as a progressive & established Spirit Artist will mostly depend upon your commitment to the development process.  Investing into your training will assist your unfoldment"
(c) Anne-Marie Bond


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Supporting learners to increase Spiritual awareness in Mediumship and Spirit Portraiture via Webinar Classes. Every lesson is experimental and no guarantees are given that any student will become either a Medium or Spirit Artist due to the Freewill and choices of each person.  Anne-Marie Bond