About Payments

Any single of full course payment paid online will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. This will also be followed by a link to a secret page on this website of a welcome video by your tutor of what you need for your course, in terms of class materials and how to access the class environment online.
Every payment is accepted simply for the time of the session as the content of the course provides free information within that timeframe.
Refunds are not offered for single payment classes.
Full course level refunds will be honoured if requested within 48 hours of initial payment, and before 15 days of the start date as no refunds will be given within  this time.
If you are no longer able to make the class, you will not receive any recordings of the session as to maintain the confidentially of those present so they don't appear unknowingly on social media.  If you cannot make the class unfortunately refunds are not given, however, you would receive a summary email of what was covered including any homework given. 
A small PayPal administration charge applicable for any webinar / private sessions. See Disclaimer below.



All students are required to be aged 18+ when purchasing a course.  It's possible technical issues / delays may occur when running live demonstrations or lessons you are asked to remain positive and patient..  All lessons are not permitted to be recorded in any electronic format without the permission of the tutor. Remember, spirit eyes will be watching you.  The lessons are aimed at being fun and informative, which also means at times the language used may be of adult content and therefore the classes are not for young ears! Anne-Marie reserves the right to change prices without notice but should dates of classes change due to technical issues you will be notified of the change, however, if you are unable to make the new class date, you will receive either a refund or another date you can make.  
Any student found to be disruptive either language or behaviour will have their membership to that course terminated (no refunds will be rewarded). The videos and webinar sessions are strictly for the experiment of drawing faces of those that have passed to the spirit world and any mediumship lessons, lectures or even workshops should all be seen as entertainment.  Anne-Marie cannot guarantee that on completion of her webinar or recorded videos that you will actually become a Spirit artist as you have the free-will to choose which path in life you prefer to take.  Any student found to be defaming Anne-Marie or her sessions in any way in any form via social media or verbally from person to person or in any other form legal action will be taken.  By continuing to book a webinar session or private session you agree to not disregard any medical professional advice given to you and will declare to Anne-Marie should you be consuming any mind altering or health well-being prescription drugs. 
Finally, you are asked if you enjoyed your session TELL friends or family about the Spirit Portraits Webinar classes with Anne-Marie. 
You are welcomed to take part in an engaging webinar for the Development of Spirit Art in order to bring about Awareness of the Spirit Consciousness that survives physical death to prove that our loved ones are living albeit in a different dimension. Through Science, Religion and Philosophy we can each grow to develop new skills leading us individually to reach a new level of personal understanding how we can each communicate more clearly and accurately with the Spirit world, helping to provide Comfort, Support and Reunion between the two world bringing Love, Laughter and Peace of Mind that beyond the physical realm we will once again, meet those that walked the transition to the other world before us. x
And... through the art of Spirit we can each become an ambassador for the Spirit Divine - God our creator of all life.


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Supporting learners to increase Spiritual awareness in Mediumship and Spirit Portraiture via Webinar Classes. Every lesson is experimental and no guarantees are given that any student will become either a Medium or Spirit Artist due to the Freewill and choices of each person.  Anne-Marie Bond