The Aura of the Spirit

Mixed Levels: 

All UK and NON-UK oversea students welcome.

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Are drawings within a circle, pictures within pictures to create surrealism artwork meant to represent your life in a symbolic way.


The psychic artist or spirit artist would draw intuitively with their focus being on the recipient.  Their role is to blend with the recipients Auric field and then place the symbolic images/objects/people/pets within the floral drawing.  Later interpret the symbolism to mirror the life and Soul journey of the recipient.


It takes time to learn how to draw confidently, to blend and how to intepret.


You are offered full length Auragraph online workshops and weekly drawing classes to improve your Symbolic Surrealist art.

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via Zoom

In Level 1 workshop: Learn to draw symbolism and apply watercolour to produce a vibrant story and translate aspects of the sitter's life, mindset, past, and even possible future elements.

Level 2: Spirit Portraiture Auragraphs

As level 1, but our focus in drawing the face of Spirit and why they wish to connect with the recipient at this time.

Level 3: Christmas Auragraph (Large)

Putting all the skills learnt together. Creating the same piece of artwork step-by-step and then one of your own.

Other lessons: Colouring your Auragraph

Auragraphs are SYMBOLIC images drawn in a circle. Usually painted in watercolour or pastel to represent the auric field of the recipient.  On completion the Psychic artist interprets the drawings to explain aspects of their Soul Journey or parts of the recipient's life (past, present, hopes, future).  We recommend attending the full length Auragraph workshops all levels, 1, 2 and 3, regardless of your skill level. In each workshop you learn how to improve your artwork, colouring and more!

The three hour workshop will teach you how to draw, history and interpretation techniques.  The purpose is to bring enlightenment, understanding, clarity, and insight. 

Example of Auragraphs drawn by Lorna Harper and other students

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The Starting Point - Level 1  

via ZOOM

22 OCTOBER 2022   Entry Fee: £49.00   5.00pm - 8.30pm UK GMT

RESERVE YOUR PLACE (Repeats 04 March 2023 3pm-6pm)


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A4 AURAGRAPHS:   The Spirit Portrait - Level 2  via ZOOM

01 APRIL 2023   Entry Fee: £50.00   3.00pm - 6.00pm UK GMT

RESERVE YOUR PLACE (This will be repeated in 2023)


Purple Bells

A3 AURAGRAPHS:   Beginners to Intermediate Level 3

(1) The Christmas Theme Auragraph

(2) Auragraph Vision Board 2023  via ZOOM

03 DECEMBER 2022   Entry Fee: £65.00   3.00pm - 7.30pm UK GMT

RESERVE YOUR PLACE (Limited Numbers)


Purple Bells


Online Weekly Circle  

via ZOOM

Auragraph Psychic Art Weekly Circle - Black2 Symbolism.png spirit art auragraphs watercolor.png.png

Can't make the beginners workshop? 


Then buy the very first of its kind Auragraph working book for beginners!  Trace and Draw and learn how to draw various rings to give yourself the practice and knowledge different ways to design the first layer.  

I recommend this book! As I created it especially for the Complete Beginner to Drawing Auragraphs as it solely a book to TRACE the rings of flowerly circle rings as stage 1!



Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip, DSNU

Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.


What a wonderful way to spend a saturday exc ellent company wonderful teacher and the chance to share a passion with other like minded people. A wonderful spiritual path shown to us by Anne-Marie so pleased with my reading and auragraph by Karen and also my own work, bought the frame to put up my christmas today.  Thank you so much and really looking forward to the next  love and light Gail xx


Well another truly amazing class with Anne-Marie today’Psychic Art Auragraphs’ Anne-Marie has a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share with others that want to progress in their Spiritual path. Time passes so quickly 5hrs felt like 30min, leaving you craving for more. Join any class of Anne-Marie’s and I can assure you that you will never leave disappointed. Picture will follow when completed.