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Private 1:2:1 coaching with my unique style of mentorship is geared towards strengthening your ability, helping you to discover that inner confidence to rise and be the powerful medium you know you can be.   Whilst larger development groups can be benifical to some, for students less confident, can find their development takes longer to manifest it-self.

My 20 years of teaching adults has taught me, every student is different! My bespoke, coaching mentorship for Mediumship isn't a one size fits all. I recognise each student develops differently, I have developed a method that works! I teach on a 1:2:1 basis how to improve skill, accuracy and flow for both development in private sittings and platform demonstrations.  Allow me to help you overcome your fear!

You can also book coaching to learn how to draw Spirit Portraits.

About Me

As a working medium, holding a Diploma of the Spiritualists National Union in Demonstrating and qualified in teaching Mediumship allows my students to know having gone through the educational process, and with the experience of giving multiple live demonstrations in churches and centres in England, I can help.  I also won in 2014, the Gordon Higginson Scholarship awarded by the SNU which helps not only my confidence but allowed me to undertake training at the prestigious world-wide famous Arthur Findlay College, where I am now an assistant tutor, working toward becoming a full AFC college tutor.  I have held my own groups of over 50 students, given tutorials, workshops and presented live demonstrations to the entire college students.  I also achieved gaining my DSNU award (in demonstrating) at AFC in January 2020!

In the corporate world, as a TAP.dip professional, I hold many teaching qualifications, some being Design and Delivery, Coaching, Effective Presentations, Training and much more. I have taught adults in the corporate, and further education field for over 19 years.

I have taught students mediumship for the last 7 years and also online for the past 3 years, holding 2 day online seminars each year in Spirit Art, monthly workshops on Mediumship, Spiritualist Philosophy and much more!  I am also currently a Design and Delivery eLearning Specialist (Digital), for business e-learning training for staff. 

Mediumship Coaching - Mentorship Appointments 

Individual One-off Sessions - £150

Strictly for Mediumship private sittings and platform demonstrations

1.5 hour appointments

Small Paypal admin fee will apply at checkout

Mediumship Coaching - Mentorship Appointments 

Course of x5 Sessions - x1 student and tutor - £587

Strictly for Mediumship private sittings and platform demonstrations

1 hour weekly appointments - plus free public demonstration session

No Paypal admin applied

Spirit Portraits - Coaching Appointments 

 Individual One-off Sessions £150

Strictly for development of learning ghow to draw Spirit Portraits

1.5 hour bespoke appointments 

Small Paypal admin fee will apply at checkout


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Supporting learners to increase Spiritual awareness in Mediumship and Spirit Portraiture via Webinar Classes. Every lesson is experimental and no guarantees are given that any student will become either a Medium or Spirit Artist due to the Freewill and choices of each person.  Anne-Marie Bond

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