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An Auragraph is a full colour drawing or painting hand-made to portray a window view into aspects of your life and a glimpse into your spiritual pathways.  Combined with an interpretation reading aims to bring the recipient peace of mind, clarity into current circumstances and a glimpse into future potentials.  The colours are so vibrant, the imagery tells a story in a story, in a story. One of my favourite types of artwork outside of Spirit portraits as the pleasure it gives people.  


Each commission results in a different style Auragraph as no two are ever the same.  As like time, your mood may change from moment to moment, season to season and therefore, my aim is to capture your essence of mood in the drawing.

I offer two types of Auragraphs

  • Traditional Watercolour Auragraph Hand-Drawn and Painted

  • Digital Art Auragraph Hand-Drawn and Painted

The auragraphs are high-end artwork and due to the time that can be spent on the intricate details, when you book please allow up to 4 weeks completion due to the high volume of commissions during busy seasons.  Multiple Auragraphs can be commissioned as two are rarely the same, you can choose one today and book another next month and both will be different as each drawing is made upon the 'energetic' time of your life.  I work with professional materials.  

Traditional Watercolour Professional Auragraph with Uplifting Message 1:1 Zoom

Painted by Visonary Spirit Artist Anne-Marie Bond

Size A3


Oringial painting P&Ppost extra (free UK)

Digital Art Full Colour Professional Auragraph Artwork Only

Painted by Visonary Spirit Artist Anne-Marie Bond

Size A2


Self-printable upto A2

 @400dpi. Very Vibrant.

The title and full name will not appear on your completed artwork.

Sample Digital Art

Modern Living Room

Professional Artwork for your Home Decor


Come and learn how to create auragraphs and understand how they work, their purpose, history and colour theory.  Suitable for complete beginners.

Anne-Marie teaches people how to create their own psychic art auragraphs in half-day specialised workshops, online via Zoom.

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