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A Mediumship Coach
to support your required development 1:on:1

with Anne-Marie Bond

Spiritualist Medium DSNUt

Are you interested in improving your skills as a

Platform Demonstration Medium?

Why hire a private Spiritualist Medium Coach?

A number of students each year hire me to coach them through obstacles they are experiencing within their Mediumship development; ability, skill or overall Platform Mediumship Demonstrations. My coaching appointments are also booked by students unable to draw (or just a little) wanting to improve their Spirit Art Portraits skills learning how to combine Evidential Mediumship.


The result?

Feeling Successful, Confident and Accomplished!


The Service

This is an individual bespoke coaching and mentorship programme to support your

Mediumship or Public Addresses or even your new pathway into developing as a Spirit Artist.


Student's are able to receive guidance, useful techniques and support.  

This is a private 1:2:1 coaching mentorship not a group of 20 PLUS students at one time.  Your progress will be monitored throughout and on top, receive useful advice and techniques to support growing your current ability into developing as a better and stronger Medium.

Every student is different! My bespoke, coaching programme for Mediumship isn't a one size fits all. I recognise each student develops differently and my unique, coaching method allows me to gain a better perspective on what it is, holding the student back. This allows me to create a plan showing the student what steps they may take in order to overcome their fear, in achieving success. 


The Aim

To help you develop through practice, heightening your skill, raising self-confidence, improving evidential accuracy, flow, speed and presence and/or improve your Spiritual Addresses. In turn the exercises and coaching will support you in reducing feeling super self-conscious when demonstrating or speaking in public.


A course of sessions over 5 months (ability to extend - optional)

Or, book Single, one-off appointment sessions as and when you feel you need support.

Please note, these are not free sessions nor are they for students not serious about improving their development as a Platform medium and/or Spirit Artist. You will receive excellent guidance, support, advice that encourages and promotes improvement in your ability to understand your own style of mediumship and deliver evidence to your extended capability.  You will be gaining educational information to facilitate your growth. Your time will be valued and in turn your investment supports the booking of my time in our coaching appointments.


About Me

As a working medium, holding a Diploma of the Spiritualists National Union in Demonstrating and qualified in teaching Mediumship allows my students to know having gone through the educational process, and with the experience of giving multiple live demonstrations in churches and centres in England, I can help.  I also won in 2014, the Gordon Higginson Scholarship awarded by the SNU which helps not only my confidence but allowed me to undertake training at the prestigious world-wide famous Arthur Findlay College, where I am now an assistant tutor, working toward becoming a full AFC college tutor.  I have held my own groups of over 50 students, given tutorials, workshops and presented live demonstrations to the entire college students.  I also achieved gaining my DSNU award (in demonstrating) at AFC in January 2020!

In the coporate world, as a TAP.dip professional, I hold many teaching qualifications, some being Design and Delivery, Coaching, Effective Presentations, Training and much more. I have taught adults in the corporate, and further education field for over 19 years.

I have taught students online for the past 3 years, holding 2 day seminars each year in Spirit Art, monthly workshops on Mediumship, Spiritualist Philosophy and much more.  I am also currently a Design and Delivery eLearning Specialist (Digital), for business e-learning training for staff.  



When Can You Start?

You can start in as little as two weeks!

  1. Register Your Interest - (click red button below and I'll do the rest!)

  2. After Receiving my Email, Approve the Offer you want (5 months course - Single sessions)

  3. Your Appointment Date/Time will be set and ready to go

  4. Full Single Session Payment required 2 weeks prior to first session

  5. 5 months Course Payment can be paid in 2 installments.

All sessions are held on 

  • Wednesday 12pm or 5pm

  • Friday 12pm or 5pm,

  • Saturday 12pm or 7.30pm

  • Sunday 09.30am or 3pm


Online via Zoom, or by Telephone if preferred.

(50 mins per session)



For prices and my next available dates please click below and register your interest

*Please note due to the number of coaching students I may have at any one time, always have a 1st or 2nd choice. Thank you and may peace be with you. Anne-Marie x


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