The SPIRIT ART of MEDIUMSHIP Webinar Sessions


Anne-Marie has created a LIVE FACE-2-FACE virtual reality classroom to teach you how to draw Spirit Portraits and Apply Mediumship via the comfort of your Office, Home or Workspace. 

There are 3 Taster Courses delivered via the WEB within the UK hosted by your online friendly tutor Anne-Marie Bond. She is a Spiritual Medium C.S.N.U both in Demonstrating and Speaking and IT Teacher holding a TAP.dip holding varied Training Accreditation Programme certificates. 


In December 2016, Anne-Marie decided to create an intimate online classroom that would be accessible to many people across the globe, helping them to UPSKILL their Mediumship and Spirit Art.  Students talk to her, WATCH her draw and LEARN Unique Tips to help their own growth in this field.


EACH CLASS has been carefully structured allowing students to attend single classes or enjoy the full course to maximize learning within a shorter timeframe. All students are encouraged to PARTICIPATE in the LIVE class exercises to improve communication and drawing skills in Spirit Art. 


All students learn 'something new' and gain Tips, Techniques and Styles to greatly benefit their Spirit ART in Mediumship!! 


the spirit

of portraits

Join the community of people developing Spirit skills with Anne-Marie (CSNU) TAP.Dip 


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Supporting learners to increase Spiritual awareness in Mediumship and Spirit Portraiture via Webinar Classes. Every lesson is experimental and no guarantees are given that any student will become either a Medium or Spirit Artist due to the Freewill and choices of each person.  Anne-Marie Bond