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June 2020 Single Class Fee £12.50 

(Fri) 05/12/19/26

June 2020

Full Tuition Fee £38

(Class time increased to 1.5 hrs) 

(Fri) 05/12/19/26


small Paypal admin fee

applies at checkout.


small PayPal admin fee

applies at checkout. 





Finding 'confidence' is a huge focal point for this group, as most students at various times in their development lack confidence (it happens to everyone). However,


I operate on the belief of Personal Responsibility in helping students recognize they must take accountability in what they do and do not do in order to maintain committed to their development.


Important to know bits:

  1. A welcome name call is given at the start, and if late, you might work first!

  2. A video will be played at least 10 mins before class - leading to a discussion by all. We alternate between Mediumship and Spiritualist Philosophy as your refinement in Mediumship arises from your ability to speak publicly, without being 'super, self-conscious'. 

  3. Some exercises will focus on spiritualist communication (talks), watching videos, communication to spirit.



This class is not suitable for ABSOLUTE beginners

  • You must understand the difference between a Medium and a Psychic and be able to perceive the presence of a spirit communicator, have followed a meditation journey and willing to commit to the Friday (moving to Saturday's class).

  • You can pay as you go (more expensive) or pay for the full course in June 2020.

  • Until end of May - Every Friday @ 5pm-6pm until May 29th 2020

  • (Mixed Levels - Open to students who have sat in circle for minimum 3 months) - you can come in to any class on any week.


Advanced booking recommended. Your space is waiting - sign up now!


In your ability as a Medium?



Speaking in front of an audience?

You are more than welcome to join our weekly Friday Mediumship focused development group.  You will be in good hands and have a professional teaching you, not someone having developed over the internet and via YouTube and perhaps a week at a college.


The classroom is via our Zoom portal and you'll be joined by many other like-minded non-confident students striving to improve their ability.   I would recommend joining the Masterclass Workshops 2020 to help gain a deeper insight in what cannot be covered in Friday class due to time constraints.


Petrified of Demonstrating?

  • It takes time learning how to drop feeling self-conscious and terrified.My job is to offer you an array of exercises aimed at supporting, raising levels of confidence and overall performance.  Step-by-step, I intend to help you become a better, POWERFUL version of you.  Would the real you like to step UP on stage?


New to Zoom?

  • If you are new to ZOOM and a tech-no-fob. I can arrange a private 10 mins lesson to walk you through your device ensuring you know how to work it before entering the classroom (free of course).


Class Costs

  • I am opening these tuition classes of Mediumship at a reduced rate for the time-being. Sessions are every Friday,1.5hrs (5pm-6.30pm UK time).


  • A lot of work and time is put into the educational and practical growth of each person, including focus on your personal development, therefore, your time will be valued as well as your weekly investment will be appreciated for the time, skill and knowledge that is provided weekly your spiritual development.



Tuition Topics - June to August 

  • Aim is to identify what makes a boring, average, good, great and excellent medium. Where does your skill level currently lay?

  • How do you define what kind of medium you are?

  • How do you refine what you do?

  • How to deepen your evidence

  • How to engage the audience

  • How to speak with the power of light

  • How to become more confident as a medium

  • How to get clearer and better evidence

  • How to believe in the evidence you give

  • How to use techniques to understand turning a No, into a Yes

  • How to find and work with the 'right recipient

  • and much, much more

Whilst most will be covered - I cannot guarantee all subjects covered in any one single session. This will be an on-going developmental class whereby a longer period maybe required for you to build the confidence, skill and abilities you need in becoming the best Medium at Demonstrating Mediumship you can be, should you attend all classes.

The tuition course is run on-going, month by month:  Join in from any month. From June it will be cheaper to pay for the entire course than weekly pay as you go sessions.  Whilst we hope you attend each class there is understanding 'things happen', just let Anne-Marie know you are unable to make it. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be provided or single previously paid class sessions transferred to other weeks. 

What Happens

After Buying My Ticket

If you choose to pay via this website, I will personally email you with the next class virtual link (Zoom) and then you sign-in at least 10 mins prior to the session start time.


Please take note of this disclaimer before purchasing a ticket.

  1. Due to the nature of the service unfortunately refunds cannot be provided. 

  2. You cannot transfer a paid event for another date.  If you are unable to make any session unfortunately, you will not receive a refund nor transfer that fee to a future class. To avoid embarrassment on both sides, please adhere to the rule x  

  3. No recordings are permitted to ensure each student feels safe to work.   



Mixed Levels: Higher beginners/ intermediate/ lower advanced



Anne-Marie Bond DSNUt Spiritualist Medium and Assistant tutor at the Arthur Findlay College. Gordon Higginson Scholarship winner 2014. Tap.Dip in facilitation, training and design, coaching. Design and Delivery Instructional eLearning Specialist. Your class fee is valued in what you will be taught, however please note from June and until the end of the epidemic you will still receive a reasonable low cost tuition programme.

Anne-Marie Bond
Spiritualist Medium DSNUt, TAP.dip, & Spiritual Artist

See you soon! x


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Supporting learners to increase Spiritual awareness in Mediumship and Spirit Portraiture via Webinar Classes. Every lesson is experimental and no guarantees are given that any student will become either a Medium or Spirit Artist due to the Freewill and choices of each person.  Anne-Marie Bond