This course level is suitable for intermediate or higher levels both in drawing and/or mediumship.

The more you educate yourself in your chosen subject the bigger platform in your mind you offer to the spirit world to then become available as a bigger service.

This training level is a more intensive level and you are expected to have:

*Willingness to Learn
*Friendly Nature

What you need:


*Strong Internet
*Computer or Laptop (Preferable)
*IPad (Acceptable)


Download the ZOOM APP on you ipad/pc


The Session Time Begins:


Starts: 7pm (UK Time) and is timed to end at 8.45pm but at times the lesson may go over by a further 15 mins so please have additional time available at the end.

The first session always begins with an approximate 40 mins talk.  This covers the Introduction, Class Etiquette and what to expect from the course plus a short talk on Spirit Art including all Students Introduction. 


This will be a live web-cam session so you will be seen by others in the room.


Class Size:

In order to create a faster development process for students, there will only be approx. 4-5 students invited as this is a small private intimate group to attend to enable each attendee to full tutor observation and allows all students the time to share or work when needed in that same session.


What Happens Now:

1) 15 minutes prior to the event please return to your email account; and click the JOIN link.

You will be placed in a waiting room until the event starts (your presenter will see you and others in the waiting room), but you will usually just see a white page.  The class may start 5 minutes later if the teacher is waiting for others to check in. So please be patient.


Helpful Tips:


For a smoother experience, please ensure to turn off any other electronic devices using SKYPE and Wi-Fi and check that no timed updates are due to take place in the background. It is possible the webinar may run over time by 15 mins please ensure you allow for additional time.

What you will need for session 1


Session 1 is more of a greet and meet with an exercise, session 2 onwards will be more practical.

  • Blank paper

  • Standard pencil / Eraser

  • Standard HB pencil OR your own pencil set

  • Self-Patience

  • Strong Wi-fi

  • Speakers

  • Webcam

  • Quite place to learn


In Session 1, you will receive information on the other materials you will need for Session 2, 3 and 4.

Please have any nourishments to hand as it's possible you will be asked questions randomly so you need to ensure you are available and attentive at all times.

Student Tech Issues:


If you experience wi-fi failure i.e. booted from classroom due to technology your end, there will be a telephone number in your registration or join-in link where you can telephone in and listen and participate so please write this down now. You can find it in your original email.



To check your webcam you can call a friend via Skype or face time just to check its working or email me and we can arrange a mic/webcam 10 min session 3 hours prior to the event.

If you experience issues joining, check you have the zoom meeting app pre-loaded if using an I-Pad. We do advise you'll have a better experience if logging in from a laptop or desktop computer.  Difficulty with sound issues maybe due to your flash player etc. 


What ever you do ... don't panic even if means you enter in the last 30 minutes, you are still most welcomed to jjon, you will be very welcome. 



I will be available by email only until 30 mins prior to the start of the event after that I may not see your email.  my email is;   if you want to catch me via phone contact me via fb messenger. anne-marie bond

About Session 1: 

The first session is very informal, relaxed.  I work with my higher spirit guided teachers in my classes and therefore advertise session exercises may change from time to time and the purpose of the course is to create a space allowing your spirit team and mine to engage as one allowing an blend of energy to be built so as you develop with me you grow from strength to strength.  You are asked to be patient, not to disregard what you've learnt previously elsewhere but simply be open minded to what appears to be basic initially that will later on be so much more than you first thought.

Final Message:

To ensure that I know you have received this message please follow this final registration requirement.

  • Draw a Spirit Portrait for me without evidence of someone that I may know. This allows me to ascertain your current drawing level and allows me to see where I can help you improve your drawing over the next coming weeks.  Hence why I only admit 3-5 students per class!

  • These will added to the website under students work at the end of the course.



Don't forget, 20 mins prior to the event go back to your original email and click JOIN event!


Let's have SOME FUN!!!


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