What Happens Now:
1) Return to your email account;
Within 5 minutes you will receive a Confirmation Registration JOIN link, click this link at least 15-20 mins prior to the START of the event.
2) You will be placed in a waiting room until the event starts (your presenter will see you and others in the waiting room).  Usually a video will be played at least 10-30 mins before the event begins.
Helpful Tips!
For a smoother experience, please ensure to turn off any other electronic devices using SKYPE and Wi-Fi and that you don't have any updates taking place in the background. It is possible the webinar may run over time by 15 mins please ensure you allow for additional time.
Tutor Tech Issues
If at any time during the webinar I am kicked out of the room, please be patient and wait for me to try and re-enter or sit in the silence or just doodle. 
What you will need for the course
  • Blank paper
  • Standard pencil / Eraser
  • Coloured pens (homework) or pencils
  • Self-Patience
  • Strong Wifi
  • Speakers
  • Webcam
  • Quite place to learn
Please have any nourishments to hand as it's possible you will be asked questions randomly so you need to ensure you are available and attentive at all times.
Student Tech Issues
If you experience wi-fi failure i.e. booted from classroom due to technology your end, there will be a telephone number in your registration or join link please write this down now. It will allow you listen in and continue participating.  Please have this number handy BEFORE the session starts!   
ENSURE THAT YOU CHECK YOUR OWN WEBCAM PRIOR TO ENTERING THE SESSION to ensure that we do not lose time trying to figure it out as others who've paid to join the session require the lesson to begin on time.   To check your webcam you can call a friend via Skype or face time just to check or email me and we can arrange a mic/webcam 10 min session.
If you experience issues joining, check you have the click meeting app pre-loaded if using an I-Pad. We do advise you'll have a better experience if logging in from a laptop or desktop computer.  Difficulty with sound issues maybe due to your flash player etc.  What ever you do ... don't panic even if means you enter in the last 30 minutes, STILL JOIN, you will be very welcome. 
At the beginning of lesson 1 we may experience a delay in starting the class due to the technical issues some students maybe experience depending upon their software and if using ipad, laptop or desktop and whether their webcam/mic are fully working. 
I want everyone who has signed up to gain the full experience so I'd ask that within the first 10 mins please be patient as alternative methods are tried to ensure everyone is included, however, if  after 15 mins of the class beginning and as the student who maybe having difficulties in only HEARING me (not seeing me) or vice versa, I would ask you to call into the session from the number shown in your registration link to allow the class to continue. 
If there are still issues, I would need to be mindful that others who've also paid for the course would need their lesson to be continued regardless and therefore I'd ask you to join in with whatever aspect you can and should their be any further issues you will be included in the homework with a summary of what was covered to help you to maintain a continuation of development outside of the classroom.
To avoid such issues, you are implored to checkout your own software i.e. webcam / mic are in working order at least 3 days before the session begins or you may request a 15 mins test session with me where the day before the session (Fridays at 5.30pm) or Saturdays (time tbc) I can have you join me for a test run.
I will be available by email only until 20 mins prior to the start of the event after that I may not see your email.  Contact me here   if you want to catch me via phone contact me via fb messenger. anne-marie bond
Session 1: 
Is always relaxed and usually I will speak for awhile just introducing and giving explanations so you will not be expected to do anything other than respond to my questions (if any asked) and later we will do a few exercises. For the more experienced you might find it basic drawings, but - as I work with higher spirit guided teachers, it's about creating that space of focus allowing your spirit team and mine to engage as one allowing an engagement of energy to be created and built so as you develop with me in other classes and courses you grow from strength to strength. 
You are asked to be patient, not to disregard what you've learnt elsewhere but simply be open minded to what appears to be basic drawing initially that will later on be so much more than you first thought.

Session 2 – 4

This is where we will have more practice. Please note course 1 sole focus is to help you experience a new beginning a new way to explore expression and as this course is geared towards complete beginners you will be taught in a step-by-step manner to ensure the pace is suitable for the slowest learner but yet still comfortable for the more experienced.


Even though the course is advertised as 90 mins, you will find by the end of the course you have gained a further 2 hours as I do tend to go over the finishing time of each class.  So always leave yourself at least 30 mins after the class time as I always play a continuation video for 10 minutes after the class to support the video shown prior to the class starting.


I try my hardest to give value for your time and money paid and that is paid back by your growth, development and sense of achievement.   After every class you will be automatically directed to my students feedback page. Where possible if you could leave IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK that will support your experience but allow others thinking about joining to read your comments to support their decision and in turn it helps me to reach MORE people worldwide.  STUDENTS FEEDBACK



Course 3 will be starting soon.  If you recommend via social media or word of mouth to others and 4 people join based on your recommendation you will get the entire course FREE!  They must all join the same course,  (not half in one course and half in the other).  All they need to do is give your name and the course. 

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