First Steps: Inspirational Speaking

08th August 2020 -

(14.30-17.00) UK GMT Time

The Nervous Inspirational Speaker Master

Suitable for   Beginner's to Intermediate levels

Masterclass: The First Steps for the Nervous Inspirational Public Speaker 

A suitable Masterclass if you want to find your voice and ability in presenting an unrehearsed talk.


Masterclass: The Nervous Inspirational Public Speaker

This is a practical workshop geared towards showing you the basics of learning how to get inspired, to find the content within the mind to speak about and to recognise people actually do care and want to hear what you have to share.


Your lesson within this Masterclass of public speaking is to encourage the reduction of fear that stops you being your true authentic self and to be able to stand in your power of trust and deliver a talk, within the following times frame (1 min - 5 mins - 10 mins - 20 mins).

Don't believe you can?

Well this masterclass is geared towards beginners or those with more experience but yet still fearful of the judgement from others or the fear of freezing on stage or drying up.


Are YOU apprehensive or scared of your own voice? Petrified at the mere thought of giving a talk on Philosophy in front of large groups? Want to discover how to improve your confidence and reduce your nerves? 


This Masterclass aims and helping you to showcase your authentic voice: Teaching you how to prepare to give an unrehearsed reading and a talk, and how to engage with your audience better. 


This Masterclass would suit you or others if you are absolutely petrified at the mere thought of being asked to talk in front of a group of people whether online or in person.


You will be walked through the steps with a PowerPoint presentation to discuss how to find confidence to prepare your content and how to correctly practice. This is a wonderful class that has been very successful in the past and will help you to gain the necessary tools to help you develop and become a more confident inspirational speaker.

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Spiritualist Medium DSNUt

Spirit Artist & Fine Artist

She is a self-taught artist to a level of  commission professional realism artwork.  A professional teacher of adults for over 20 years and 8+ years as a  Spirit Artist and Medium. 


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