Mediumship or

Spirit Art  1:on:1  Coaching 


Are you finding your Mediumship development isn't the level you want? Is there a specific are you are struggling with? Are the obstacles in your development causing you to lose confidence?

Consider a Private 1:2:1 coaching session with me as it's geared towards strengthening your ability.  I focus solely on the aspect of your development you are finding challenging. This can save you weeks and months at a large group circle to get to the heart of the matter.  I will help you unfold your inner confidence.  My goal is to assist you in becoming the Powerful medium you know you can be.   

My 20 years of teaching adults int he coporate world taught me, every student is different! My bespoke, coaching for Mediumship isn't a one size fits all. I recognise each student develops differently, I have developed a method that works! I teach on a 1:2:1 basis how to improve skill, accuracy and flow for both development in private sittings and platform demonstrations.  Allow me to help you overcome your fear!

You can also book coaching to

learn how to draw Spirit Portraits.

About Me

I feel it's important you know a little about me before paying for a private coaching service with me. You may (or may not) at first, be a little taken aback by the 'appearance of what seems a high price', so it's important, I feel, for you to know my background in education and experience.  I've laid everything bare below!

Mediumship Credibility

I want you to be comfortable even what seems a high price is actually low considering the growth in confidence you will feel. Whilst one session will give you an overview of what you need and will have some great takeaway points that perhaps that was all you needed. However, for others who enjoy their private sessions with me without 20 others students taking my time, allows them to gain more confidence with each appointment.


I am comfortable my prices are fair and want you to have some knowledge about my level of ability, educational background and service brought to you.  When you hire me as your personal, spiritual mentoring, coach, I create a bespoke plan around your currently ability. This can take up to 2 days to formulate an action plan for your 1.5 hr appointment session (more is optional) to ensure every second is maximised and not wasted. I have repeat students so I must be doing something well :-)

Mediumship Study

As a working medium, I amongst a number of other Mediums hold one of the highest awards in demonstrating, a Diploma of the Spiritualists National Union.  This doesn't make us the 'best mediums out there' but for me, it was simply to give me personal confidence and satisfaction of my competence level of demonstrating publicly and being assessed by AFC Tutors who have been in the business for over 30 years.

I am also in qualified in the Teaching of Mediumship.


The study process alone is intensive with multiple writing assessments, quantity of demonstrations to complete, numerous verbal and practical examinations to take, 2 years teaching training courses, intensive teacher trainer at AFC standard (if you pass) have all span over 5 years working up the ladder from the PAS level to CSNU to now DSNU. I also am one of the 9 people in the country to have won the Gordon Higginson Scholarship awarded by the SNU which  offered me developmental training at the prestigious world-wide famous Arthur Findlay College. 


I have been on courses over the years with Kitty Wolds, Eileen Davis, Simone Key, Simon James, Colin Bates, Stella Upton, but to name a few (all well-established AFC tutors).  I was also part of the very first mentorship group Tony Stockwell ever run, and other well-established tutors.

Where it all began

Although, I've completed numerous courses with the above tutors, I have been a professional tarot reader for over 25 years, albeit my very first circle experience began in Surry under the guidance of Marcus Cinganelli who met me aged 19 when touring around England at festivals.


I didn't understand why these people would sit in a circle closing their eyes.... I'd look at thing to heck with it.  However, after 6 months I had moved on, but Spirit waited patiently and it was approx 19 years later when I had a calling (and through someone I meant in the tarot group told me about mediumship who out of curiosty, I followed my friend to a development circle in Lewisham (where I also met a few long term friends), and you could say the rest is history.  I did not believe or should I say WANT my friend to be talking the 'spirit talk' in my house in case she left them behind with me.  Funny, it is looking back and to where I am now.  Talking to spirit everyday in the same home I was once frightened to have a talk about people in the 'afterlife'.


So my public apology to Spirit, sorry for taking so long to get my act together !

My development moved onto Bexley, then Croydon, then for a period of time (2 years) in fact, was not in any circle but 'sat with spirit' in my home, as the sole incarnate person in the circle.  If you figured this out you'll understand the other attendees were circle members of the spirit discarnate people.

Born to Teach

I have now progressed to being a current assistant tutor at AFC (Arthur Findlay College), working toward becoming a full college tutor.  During 2019, I have held my own groups of over 50 students at the college, given tutorials, workshops and presented live demonstrations to the entire college of students.  

Teaching is I believe, is one of those things I was born to do. It's something that I love.  To see a student's, or client's confidence grow, charges my spiritual batteries. Makes me feel alive, when transformation  has taken place within them.  I pride myself in supporting learning to be fun, educational, but with transformational abilities that provide growth for the soul of the individual. I take my work seriously.

In the corporate world, as a TAP.dip professional, I hold many teaching qualifications, some being Design and Delivery, Coaching, Effective Presentations, Training and much more. I have taught adults in the corporate, and further education field for over 19 years.

I pride myself on letting my light shine -

as I help others let's theirs shine bright too!


I have taught students mediumship for the last 7 years and also online for the past 3 years, holding 2 day online seminars each year in Spirit Art, monthly workshops on Mediumship, Spiritualist Philosophy and much more!  Now, in my day-job, yes I have one also , I am a Design and Delivery eLearning Specialist (Digital), for business e-learning training. 

Mediumship Coaching (Zoom) - Mentoring Appointments 

Individual One-off Sessions - £150

Strictly for Mediumship private sittings and platform demonstrations

1.5 hour appointments via Zoom Office


Small Paypal admin fee will apply at checkout

x2 Installments Accepted - Please email me

Mediumship Coaching (Zoom) - Mentoring Appointments 

Course of x5 Sessions - x1 student / tutor - £587

Strictly for Mediumship private sittings and platform demonstrations

1 hour weekly appointments - plus free public 'online' demonstration session with feedback on strengths and areas to improve upon.

No Paypal admin applied

x3  installments Accepted - Please email me

Spirit Portraits - Coaching (Zoom) -Drawing Appointments 

 Individual One-off Sessions £150

Strictly for development of learning how to draw Spirit Portraits

1.5 hour bespoke appointments via Zoom Office

Small Paypal admin fee will apply at checkout

x2 Installments Accepted - Please email me

The Private Tutoring Cost

My tutoring coaching service provides you the opportunity to hire me as your private tutor for 2 hours.  I will be able to assist you in a specific area you may struggling with and teach you how to overcome through the obstacle or challenge you may be facing.  Sometimes what may take you a few months on your own can be acheived in as little as 2 hours.


Please look at the Private Tutoring services available.



Mediumship Delivery Level 1 - This session would suit complete beginners or novices or those that feel the need to restart the foundation of delveloping as a Medium.  You will leave this session with a better understanding about Mediumship and learn the fundamentals of Sitting in the Power vs Mediation, Undersanding the difference when a Mediums works Psychically or Mediumshistically. You will learn having experienced how Mediums make their contat with spirit and the process of establishing communication.

Mediumship Delivery Level 2 - Assessment of your skill ability - and this session aims to show you various ways using your current skills to improve one aspect to deepen your skill. We will also look at the method to deepen the evidence you currently give and how to make more impact to your style as a Medium.


Mediumship Delivery Level 3 - Even those that are able to give a contact or working mediums still get nervous (as do I), however, how do we overcome those nerves to still offer the audience 'great demonstration of Mediumship'? How do we get around our nerves and the sense of feeling petrified when being asked to work publicy.  Through discussion and practice you will walk away with tools to practice at home in order to assist you, finally, overcoming those nerves!

Mediumship Delivery Level 4 - Getting reading to take an exam or assessment in Mediumship? This session is based around testing your knowledge database by going through 100 questions around Spiritualism, the SNU, the Medium's Role, the Evidence of Mediumship, the Mediumship and the Law, the Presentation of a Medium from Platform in a Sanctuary, SNU Church  or centre and much more. 


This will be in a test format completed online - using an interactive animated testing forum to assess your skills. You will get a  test score at the very end showing if you have pass or not. You may reset this test as often as needed. First test attempt: Normal session price, second one (half-price) if taken within the same month. 


Public Speaking

This session although bespoke to your current skill will look at a step-by-step method, how to give your best Spiritualist Address with Impact and Confidence to read without script

Computer Training - Learn how to create animated PowerPoint shows for your Spiritual Lecture - Tutorial or Talk  - other aspects of IT Training. I have worked in the corporate field for over 15 years as an IT trainer.

Spirit Art - Learn how to draw better  and improve your spirit portraits 


Develop your Psychic Powers - This session focuses on helping your build your psychic awareness using a range of psychic tools to work and understand energy to help strengthen the mind muscle when tuning into other peoples lives and assisting them with direction for the better good.



Unfortunately, there are a minority of people who haven't developed their ability who believe someone who has spent 10 years studying, developing and gaining teaching from 1st class teachers around the world, that after spending 10's of thousands spent on deepening and gaining knowledge, and experience, should after 10 years of perseverance through obstacles and education of taking exams having studied for 5 years in the education route and having completing 30,000 worded essays, should not be charging for their services.


I believe someone offering services will do better when they have a place to work from, to pay for be able lightening, heating, electric and Wi-fi and all that comes with having a workable space.   

Over the years I've offered many free services to people and extend appointment sessions times when needed for free. I always like to include this context so when reviewing my prices you will understand I pride myself in being part of a team world-wide of people who dedicate their time in personal development with the aid of a high level of standard, with clarity to committed people to aid others in their quest for their knowledge to awaken more.


My development has spanned over 10 years in this field having happily spent multiple thousands to gain knowledge, develop experience and such forth which has led me to meet many beautiful people along the way both as fellow study colleagues and mostly through my clientele.  My clients know, I am not a Medium developed over the internet and via YouTube. x

I honestly believe one must have confidence in themselves into the quality of the service they provide and to what standard they put to the value of their own time given, expertise, skill and developed ability.  I am confident in my price value to what the client will receive in helping to 'solve the problem they are needing guidance in. 

I always tell my students, charge for your services but to the value you put upon your skill ability, educational development and service you give.  Always give more value than the price you charge. I set my own prices to this standard.

Some say a Spiritualists development spans longer than someone studying a PHD we both spend thousands upon our education, one field it's expected to be a high fee, the other, people often expect it should be for free.  I value my clients above my prices, that's why they are set at the prices I consider, fair.  Much love and hope this helps to bring light to what may seem expensive but actually what you receive is so much more.   Anne-Marie x


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