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You don't have to be attend classes to join!

If you currently pay for weekly, Friday classes or are not currently attending any of our classes you may still join as a member, however their weill be a fee if unable to commit to the weekly Friday sessions.

How this works

Even if you choose not to join the weekly class development or due to prior commitments are only able to attend classes here and there, you will still gain the benefits of accessing the Members only area. You can access, relevant material uploaded monthly on the focus of Mediumship, Inspirational Speaking, Philosophy talks and more. It is not guaranteed you will may see previous months documentation as from time to time previous documents, videos maybe removed to ensure current material is always available. 


  • Are you only able to attend single classes here and there?

  • Are you not wanting to join the weekly sessions but still want access to the material they receive?

Membership Duration & Payment

01 June 2020 (or part of) -

30th August 2020 (or part of): £40.00

01 September 2020 (or part of) -

31 December 2020 (or part of): £47.00

Payments are non-negotiable and non-refundable. If you pay in June to August, or September to December, the fee remains the same for that period. When payment is received please go to the members area - how to sign in, register and then you will be permitted immediate approval.


Please note your payment is for Members access only, not for free class attendance. You would still be required to pay for your class should you want Mediumship tuition also.  No refunds are given should you join the class sessions and have already paid for membership separately.

Please note, material is uploaded on a monthly basis but is not to a specific quantity of material, handouts, videos' or audio's, however, I'm sure you'll find all material useful.  Join now and gain full membership approval today!


We'd love for you to join our membership


June to August (or part of)  2020


small PayPal admin fee  applies at checkout. 



Jan 2021 to Dec 2021


small PayPal admin fee  applies at checkout. 


Sept to Dec (or part of)  2020


small PayPal admin fee  applies at checkout. 



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