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These are appointment sessions offered on a 1:to:1 basis.  The goal is to provide support, guidance, business advice or even bespoke mentoring in Mediumship development of Spiritual Philosophy or to those clients wishing to improve their spirit portrait skills.

I am a Spiritualist Medium, Artist and Clairvoyant Tarot coach with over 20 years providing clear tarot guidance and spiritual direction for the betterment of the client.  (see my feedback click button below).


I've helped people around the world gain peace of mind in many life areas and my clients locations ranges from Europe to America to Asia to Dubai with many repeat clientele.  My prices mirror the value of service you will receive and I'll settle for nothing less in bringing truth, honesty, and value to any service you book with me.


I look forward in meeting you soon!

x Anne-Marie x

A spiritual communication service provided to people wishing to regain a connection with loves ones who have passed. It's always lovely to receive the confirmation we seek that indeed, our loved ones have not gone forever.

A service provided to people wishing to gain a professional tarot and clairvoyant reading with an objective view into their current situation(s).  As a teacher in Tarot and a professional psychic, you will receive a great reading that aims to clear the fog and bring clarity whether you seek reflection in answers for Personal Relationships or Work matters.

A service where you will receive a hand-drawn or digital hand-drawn spirit portrait or spirit guide artwork & Message.

Neon Painted Face

A service that provides a completed, traditional hand-drawn/painted Auragraph picture which comes with a handwritten personal uplifting message to reflect your personality and possible future potentials.

Therapy Session

A service provided to help you receive step by step coaching to improve your technique in Mediumship evidence and delivery. This is a bespoke service which is created around the current skill of the client.

A service provided to people wishing to receive step by step coaching in learning how to draw for the first time (spirit portraits) or to improve their drawing and mediumship combination skills.

Female Patient

A service provided to people wishing to receive step by step coaching in overcoming fear to address a spiritual audience with a pre-scripted talk or on the spot inspirational speaking.

Business Meeting

A service provided to people wishing to speak what's on their heart and in mind, needing to air without judgement of their personal thoughts/opinions.  The listening is of the consultant who will sit in a higher state of mind to respond with guided questions to help you 'clear the emotional frustration', be in for relationships gone wrong, work, home-life, even frustration with lack of self confidence.  A warm and embracing 20 minutes of airing without judgement but just receiving love and understanding.


A service provided to people wishing to receive a Psychic Interpretation Vision board hand-created using photoshop to create a vision of  how you vision your future to be and visual focus help manifest those images into real-life!

A service provided to small spiritual businesses or spiritual teachers wishing to provide more diversity to their training programmes to give their users / students a more interactive, and engaging, educational home-learning experience.

A service for those Spiritualist Mediums and Speakers wishing to improve their Computer skills for more CONFIDENCE in developing their own knowledge or to aid their teraching online programmes by a professional IT Trainer.

A Service You Can Trust
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Supporting learners to increase Spiritual awareness in Mediumship and Spirit Portraiture via Webinar Classes. Every lesson is experimental and no guarantees are given that any student will become either a Medium or Spirit Artist due to the Freewill and choices of each person.  Anne-Marie Bond