The Cost

Private Tuition

You may pay in two installments before the session should the cost of be outside of your budget .


The cost of hiring a private tutor is more expensive than attending weekly large group sessions.  You are booking the time of the tutor to help and assist you in a specific area that may not be on the current tuition curriculum as yet.  The service of a private coaching session will work from your current ability and be customised to what your achievement goal is.  

Sessions are 1.5 hrs - 2 hrs. Student's private tuition investment: £150.00.

Unfortunately, there are a minority of people who have not developed their own ability to a standard they are happy with, and through their negative mind-set believe someone who has spent 10 years studying, developing and gaining teaching from 1st class teachers around the world, and after spending 10's of thousands of pounds spent on deepening their skill, gaining knowledge, and experience, should after 10 years of perseverance through challenges and personal obstacles should not charge for their services. 

Some people feel what they would personally charge £5, should be the basis of what all others ought to charge for their service.

Each week I help many people for free in sessions held by the SNUi to help them reconnect to God, to learn more about developing their skill to be armed within the right content to assist them when they go for their certificate award. 


However, due the varied topics that are required to be covered students could be studying for months on end and through my services of Refining Your Mediumship on a Friday years I've offered many free services to people and extend appointment sessions times when needed for free. 

The Private Tuition encompasses 19 years of my learnt ability and development of understanding people, teaching adults for the past 20 years and discovering unique differences in the way we each have our own preferred style of learning. Therefore it's easy for me to create a bespoke blueprint so my student clients can be armed with tools to overturn their current challenge, and usually 90% it's the FEAR and lack of faith.

I understand.  But consider this, how often do you actually spend on yourself, for yourself? I bet you could easily spend the session money on food shopping, new clothes, shoes, or for presents for others.  I wonder how often do you invest your money into your education with a private tutor?

Let's remember people are not buying a Product, but  paying for Peace of Mind, Clarity, Support, Help, Assistance, Ways to Improve that bring about the circle of Peace of Mind, Clarity, Support and on and on.


Money Back?

I would never receive payment if I believe the student/client isn't happy with the Private Coaching service. I do not want money paid which energetically comes from someone not happy with what I provide. Therefore, I can guarantee you a full refund (less £20 for admin purposes) that if within the first 10 minutes you tell me you are not happy and wish for us to close the session.

My role is to help you create a blueprint, a template that helps you identify the problem, find the solution and use an array of exercises to find the one that fits you well. I'm in no doubt the success you seek, awaits you. 



My development has spanned over 10+ years in this field having happily spent multiple thousands of pounds in my quest to gain and deepen my knowledge, skill and ability. I have been lucky enough to be taught by some of the leading Mediums in the country.  However, with the best team in spirit I am at a comfortable teaching level where others are able to learn those little golden nuggets they need to provide the avenue to which they can gain more confidence in their own skill, flourish and fly high.  My students know, I am not a Medium developed over the internet and via YouTube.


I always like to include this context so when reviewing my prices you will understand I pride myself in being part of a team world-wide of people who dedicate their time in personal development with the aid of a high level of standard, with clarity to committed people to aid others in their quest for their knowledge to awaken more.

Mediumship Private Tuition (Zoom) - Mentoring Appointments - Beginner's

1.5 hrs - 2 hrs - £150 - Learn how to establish a contact - build confidence - and understand the process of the collaboration for beginner's or novices - and learn the basics (spoon fed lol) step-by-step 

The foundation (Learn more)


Small Paypal admin fee will apply at checkout


Mediumship Private Tuition (Zoom) - Mentoring Appointments - Advanced

1.5 hours - £150 - A bespoke session to clarity the areas that are proving to hold you from flourishing in your platform demonstrations of mediumship.  Through initial assessment tips, exercises will be given to help you apply new techniques to enhance what you already do.  Turn the audience's frowns upside down, turn your No's into Yes's and discover perhaps how to showcase your style with authenticity, grace, humor and evidential.

New Working Mediums (Learn more)


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Public Speaking Private Tuition 

(Zoom) - Mentoring Appointments 

1.5 hours - £150 - Learn the structured breakdown of creating a Spiritual address from the platform as a speaker.  You will be helped to a place of clarity of how to give a Spiritualist (prepared) Philosophy.


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Spirit Drawing Private Tuition 

(Zoom) - Mentoring Appointments 

Spirit Portraits 

Learn to Draw with Anne-Marie Bond

1.5 hours - £150 - Learn how to draw Spirit Portraits or enhance your current skill to blend with spirit and draw better and give evidence.


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Psychic Awareness Private Tuition

(Zoom) - Mentoring Appointments 

1.5 hours - £150 Learn how to enhance your psychic skills using an array of psychic tools to deepen your skill to understand how energy works to a professional standard. Learn what it takes to turn professional recieving payment for assisting others.


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Computer Training Private Tuition

(Zoom) - Mentoring Appointments 

1.5 hour - £150 Learn how to enhance your PowerPoint slides, or learn how to use an array of computer applications. Let's discuss your needs and have a working practice helping you learn tips and tricks, in word, PowerPoint, excel, Photoshop, animation, or more.


Small Paypal Admin at checkout

Much love and hope this helps to bring light to what may seem expensive but actually what you receive is so much more.   Anne-Marie x


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