Christmas Art Masterclass





 for Mixed Levels

(NO previous experience required)

05th DEC 2020 - (13.00-18.00) BST

Psychic art auragraphs are a way to draw a visual representation through images and colour of the recipients spiritual journey in this physical life. The aura contains the memory vibration of all the experiences that person has had, the choice, decisions made and likely hood of potentials in the near future based on previous choice making decisions.

Learning to draw these and then interpret them is an art form. This year students completed level 1, and now level 2, the first of it's kind is opened to all to come and try their hand doing super auragraphs!  This is a 5 hour workshop and look at the amazing list below of all that you will receive and gain! A higher level with much more to learn and complete. A fun, educational, uplifting and wellbeing day - giving your Soul upliftment and your mind a time for peace, clarity and affirmation for the future!


  1. This entails watching a Level 2 full Auragraph created especially for this class

  2. Every student will receive an Auragraph drawing with a Taster Reading from Anne-Marie (during the class)

  3. Students will learn how to Watercolour with pans and pastel their Auragraphs - a unique technique

  4. Students will learn how to draw to a larger scale and the 'correct' paper

  5. Students will create an Auragraph for a loved one or friend with a themed for Christmas

  6. Students will each receive an Auragraph reading by a member of the class

  7. Each Christmas Auragraph will be uploaded onto the website

  8. Refreshment and comfort breaks will be included

  9. Attendees of this Masterclass will receive a 50% discount on the Psychic Art for Future Vision Masterclass - January 13th 2021

  10. Question and Answer session after the class will be open for 30 minutes should anyone wish to ask any questions relating to the topic of Auragraphs.

  • All students will walk away armed with the potential of learning how to develop into a professional auragraphic artist

  • Students will volunteer to see if they can 'read' for Anne-Marie and the closest will receive a 20 mins after class private talk/session.

The beauty of Spiritualism is that through our growth we are able to service not only the spirit behind the veil but us, as human beings to guide us through mental fog of uncertainty at times in our lives to obtain clarity and direction when and where we need it most.  This allows us to heal aspects of self to gain confidence to be who we truly are and to continue evolving on our spiritual pathway.

A warm and creative session to bring about a mindfulness productive artwork to present on completion framed as a gift for a loved one, or kept for yourself (just in time for Christmas). 


A gift given in art, melts the hearts! No matter how advanced you are in Mediumship, Speaking or other areas, why not come and try your hand at learning how to become your own UNIQUE auragraphist! You do not need to have any 'previous drawing skills' to attend this Masterclass.


A very special Auragraph Masterclass to show how you can develop as a professional - making gifts for others.

Make this a Special Gift at Christmas: 

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Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond

Saturday 05 December 2020 (13.00-18.00)

Details supplied upon confirmed booking

CLASS IS VIA ZOOM - British Standard Time





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