Psychic Art - Auragraphs

22nd August 2020 -

(13.00-16.00) UK GMT Time

Psychic AURAGRAPHS Masterclass 22 Aug 20

Suitable for Mixed Levels + Beginner's


Masterclass: The Spirit of Psychic Auragraphs and for Beginners!

This is a Masterclass for Beginners to Lower Intermediate levels. I will walk you through step by step how to create a beautiful Auragraph. We will begin the Masterclass with a short slideshow Presentation which will include a Pioneer of Spirit Art.  We will then look at the materials we are going to use and how to set our space, not just the table but the space in our mind to prepare to work.


Beginner's always wonder how on earth will they be able to draw, if they cannot draw!  Don't worry, I was the same. I will show you that blended with the spirit world, you will be able to create drawings that are designed with your innate ability that I shall bring out.


Learn how to create Auragraphs for friends and perhaps even the public once you've developed the confidence to draw many of these and have heightened your ability to provide better accuracy relaying psychic evidence about the recipients life.  My psychic auragraphs are not always of the traditional format. If you are also joining the Psychic art level 2 Masterclass, you will learn how to develop Soul Cards too!


A great class for those less confident in their skill and ability to draw.  You will be taken through step by step!  A great way to relax your mind in the current scheme of the world and for a few hours allow the upliftment in your spirit to rejoice through art!  This is an intimate classed based session with maximum 10 attendees. It helps new people feel less intimated by larger numbers present. So if interested make sure you book your ticket early as you may miss out as we are almost full!


This masterclass will also Include a tutor demo!

The price of this workshop is shown at the lower range until 31st July, when the normal fee of £75 will apply.

Join in this class or gather friends and I'll host a Private 3 hour Specialised Masterclass for your group - one set price, no matter quantity of friends/family or even work colleagues! 1 person to 20+, it doesn't matter!  For a quote: please send me an email if you want your Masterclass on Psychic Auragraphs, Spirit Portraits or Platform Mediumship - Better Evidence.

Book Early is Highly Recommended

Once your payment has been received, a confirmation of payment will arrive and then a list of materials will be provided by email at least 2 weeks prior to the event start date.




Spiritualist Medium DSNUt

Spirit Artist & Fine Artist

She is a self-taught artist to a level of  commission professional realism artwork.  A professional teacher of adults for over 20 years and 8+ years as a  Spirit Artist and Medium. 


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