Andi Banks


Height: 5'6"

Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Eyes: Green


Training:  BA Theatre Arts, UCLA

Location: West Hollywood, CA

Willing to travel


Film Name 1    Role     Director Name – AAA Productions
Film Name 2    Role     Director Name – BB Productions
Film Name 3    Role     Director Name – V Productions
Film Name 4    Role     Director Name – F Productions
Film Name 5    Role     Director Name – C Productions


Title of Show 1    Role    Director Name – AAA Productions
Title of Show 2    Role    Director Name – BB Productions
Title of Show 3    Role    Director Name – V Productions
Title of Show 4    Role    Director Name – F Productions
Title of Show 5    Role    Director Name – C Productions


Production Co. 1    Role     Director Name – AAA Productions
Production Co. 2    Role     Director Name – BB Productions
Production Co. 3    Role     Director Name – V Productions
Production Co. 4    Role     Director Name – F Productions
Production Co. 5    Role     Director Name – C Productions




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