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What are Spirit Portraits?
Spirit Portraits are drawings or paintings by Spirit Artists that on paper or canvas, they create by instruction of a spiritual being, visual representations of people whom once lived an earthly physical life. Someone like your great, great, great grand parents who 'died' and passed through the doors of transition we know as 'Death'. 
The purpose of the Spirit Artist is to prove life after death by connecting with the person in the spirit world and through the Art of Mediumship gives evidence of their old life and information about their personality and when validated by the recipient can constitute as evidence. The Spirit Portrait solidifies factual evidence if the face in the drawing is recognized by the recipient or their family. The Portrait of Spirit classes sole purpose is to help students developing their 6th sense as s a Spirit Artist to learn Mediumship and how to draw Portraits of Spirit people. 
The Medium Artist will be able to commune with the Spirit Communicator and draw their facial features as remembered by loved ones.  The more skilled a Spirit Portrait artist is; not necessarily in drawing but with a deeper ability to perceive spirit and allowing the spirit to have some control will produce some great results.
Spiritual Mediums
Spiritual mediums prove your loved ones are still living and conscious in their own thoughts, i.e. thinking, speaking and they retain their personality even in the after life. Spirit Artist Mediums communicate with the discarnate spirit (those without a physical body) and draw their faces as proof of life after physical death. By completing the course of Spirit Portrait development you will also learn how to combine Mediumship with your drawings.  A medium may take years before becoming fluent in the language of Spirit Communication.
Ultimately, the Spirit Communicator brings to us acknowledgement of two things
1) PROOF OF LIFE after Physical Death
2) THEIR LOVE and care continues beyond the grave
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