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Spirit Portrait Comparison
Spirit Portraits are visual representations of people who wish to have their portrait drawn to prove their survival and progression through the doors of physical death. As a Spirit Artist, I draw faces of the 'so-called living dead'. People still very much awake, consciously alive albeit their physical body has been buried or cremated.  They come to show they are very much living an abundant life.
The understanding of life is learning that 'death isn't the end'. The only permanency it brings is that once we 'die', we can no longer move within the physical realm of life. By being able to draw a good resemblance of how that person looked can help to create peace of mind and proof of survival not just by the image on paper but supported by the evidential information supplied in Mediumship.
 The more skilled a Spirit Portrait artist is; not necessarily in drawing but with a deeper ability to perceive spirit and allowing the spirit to have some control will produce some great results.
Spirit Portrait Man
Spirit Artist Mediums communicate with the discarnate spirit (those without a physical body) and draw their faces as proof of life after physical death. I teach non-artists how to draw spirit faces and apply their mediumship to support the evidence of the spirit contact.
For the past 3 years I have taught students online how to become Spirit artists. I can help you too even if you've never drawn before!  My new courses for Spirit art begin in January 2021, however I have a Spirit Art Day Seminar online that you can join (please email for more details).
The online school for Spirit Portrait development will teach you how to combine Mediumship with your drawings.  A medium may take years before becoming fluent in the language of Spirit Communication. Ultimately, the Spirit Communicator brings to us acknowledgement of two things
1) PROOF OF LIFE after Physical Death
2) THEIR LOVE and care continues beyond the grave
Spirit Art Day Online Seminar - September 26, 2020 - contact me for details
Spirit Art Private Coaching: Let me teach you how to draw and combine Mediumship - click here 
Spirit Art Online Course Level 1 (click here), Level 2 (click here), and Level 3 (click here)
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