What Happens Now:
1) Return to your email account; you will receive a JOIN EVENT link within the next 5 minutes,
2) Click this link at least 15-20 mins prior to the START Time of the event.
3) You will be placed in a waiting room until the event starts (your presenter will see yourself and others in the waiting room).  Usually a video will be played at least 10-30 mins before the event begins.
Helpful Tips!
Please ensure your SKYPE and any other Wi-Fi is switched off to ensure a smoother running for you or that you don't have any updates taking place in the background. It is possible the webinar may run over time by 15 mins please ensure you allow for additional time.
Tutor Tech Issues
If at any time during the webinar I am kicked out of the room, please be patient and wait for me to try and re-enter or sit in the silence or just doodle. 
What you will need for the course
  • Notepad / Pen (Optional)
  • No Electronic recording (at all - my spirit police will be watching)... but on a serious note, I ask you to have intergrity for what I ask please. x
Have any nourishments to hand as it's possible you will be asked questions randomly so you need to ensure you are available and attentive at all times.
Student Tech Issues
If you experience wi-fi failure i.e. booted from classroom due to technology your end, there will be a telephone number on your registration or join event link that enables you to listen in and continue participating.  Please have this number handy BEFORE the session starts!
I will be available by email only until 30 mins prior to the start of the event, after that I may not see your email.  Contact me here 
I look forward to seeing you soon.
Lecture:  Is always relaxed and you will be taught as I talk and walk you through each presentation slide, but do feel free to doodle whilst I talk, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCE please, for me and for you, use electronic devices for social media checkups.  Not only is it rude but you are demonstrating to spirit - their organization of getting you to be within this workshop means nothing.  It's easy to have a quick check on FB or twitter but all of those social media rooms will still be available after the workshop.  If you fail to give yourself the patience needed for 1 hour, how will you cope with the patience required over the next few years of development.
If I still haven't persuaded you to put down the phone during my lecture how about this for emotional blackmail ..., how would you feel if you were on platform and want your spirit team to turn up but they say no, we're checking our spiritual facebook tonight - you can't be a medium giving a demonstration without the presence of spirit. Want them to show up, so must we x  
Now my previous students will know what I mean by the above so it's really for you to understand if you're new.  You'll find me to be flexible, supportive and very passionate that YOU and I, continually remain respectful to those that teach us from the other side, capiche? x
You are asked to be patient, not to disregard what you've learnt elsewhere but simply be open minded to what seemingly appears to be basic initially, may later turn out to be much more than you first thought.
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