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Welcome to the Spirit Portraits and Mediumship school online for developing Mediums and Spirit Artists.  Established since 2017, these online courses and workshops have helped many students progress into excellent spirit artists' and evidential mediums.

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Spirit Art & Mediuship

Online Demonstration

with Anne-Marie Bond DSNUt

Join Anne-Marie for an evening of Spirit Divine contacts. As a Spiritualist Medium Anne-Marie is able to bring forward those in the spirit world who wish to re-unite with loves ones to prove life continues beyond the transistion of physical death.

Learn How To Demonstrate Mediumship on Platform

with Anne-Marie Bond DSNUt

If you are looking to demonstrate mediumship at a stronger level and with confidence, better accuracy is a beautiful way to serve the world of spirit. 

The weekly tuition programme and monthly Masterclasses on Mediumship development, will help you learn how to demonstrate, improve your evidence, maintain the power and establish a deeper connection with spirit.

Learn To Demonstrate Publicly

Spirit Guide Portraits

with Anne-Marie Bond DSNUt

Spirit portraits are drawn by Spirit Artists using Mental Mediumship to visually show the face of the spirit communicator. The purpose is to provide clarity that the person who went through physical death actually retained their consciousness beyond the barrier of our earths reality.

Most spirit artists, like myself, have never been to art school, nor obtained an art degree and have developed their skill by learning how to blend with a spirit persons energy, sustaining the power to allow their thoughts to be perceived by the medium artist. This strengthens the mediums ability to draw a great likeness of how the communicator wishes to be seen and remembered. 

Members Only -This Area- allows members to receive full access to uploaded material, video's and audio's uploaded by Anne-Marie.  Visit the weekly class page, Log-in, then select 'My Account' and choose from any topic listed. Open for monthly paid students attending the Refining Your Mediumship course to review materials at any time whilst those resources are still available.

Spirit Portrait Demonstration Skills

with Anne-Marie Bond DSNUt

Can't draw - but would like to?


No matter your level, allow me to teach you how to improve your skills and knowledge to support your development in Spirit Art and Mediumship.

You are able to join Masterclass mediumship workshops online and bespoke coaching and mentorships to increase your skills in Platform Mediumship. Learn advanced mediumship at your own pace, build confidence, skill, flow and accuracy so you can be proud of your own spirit portraits, demonstrations and talks of philosophy.


The Portrait of Spirit, Online School for Mediumship and Spirit art development was built to facilitate anyone who cannot draw, or needs to improve their Mediumship skills and may want to learn how to combine Mediumship with their Spirit portraits.  Matchstick levels welcome!

Platform Mediumship

Discover How To Become A Stronger Evidential Medium

As a platform demonstrator I know it is challenging to let go of fear overcome your fright of standing and delivering evidential mediumship in front of complete strangers! 

Learn to Become a Better Medium with Mediumship Weekly Tuition


Refining Your Mediumship Weekly Class we

Trance Painting by Anne-Marie

Learn to Draw

as a Spiritualist Medium

Painting by Anne-Marie

Trance Painting by Anne-Marie

About Me

Spiritualist Medium

Who Am I

London Spiritualist Medium DSNUt - Teacher - Artist - Mentor/Coach. Design & Delivery E-learning Specialist (Digital). TAP Diploma Design & Delivery and Coaching. 

I am an Oil Painter, Digital Portrait Artist, Graphite Artist and paint portraits of People and Animals.

I believe in helping students gain useful tools to help continue their development at home. Most of the workshops and online courses will only seat a maximum of 12 students and this is because I believe in helping those that are committed to 'fast-track' their development.  

I'm Anne-Marie Bond a DSNUt, Spiritualist Medium.  My goal is simple: to help you learn easier methods to reduce fear so you can  TRUST IN YOUR MEDIUMSHIP! I also offer private mentorships.

Welcome to my website, I'm sure you'll find something of interest. I look forward to working with you someday soon.

Anne-Marie x

I help students who believe they CANNOT DRAW create fantastic artwork! Some join as matchstick men artists or those with a little more basic skills.

Book a 

Spirit Guide


Trance Painting by Anne-Marie



 or fine art: #bondportraitsart

Get to see who your Spirit Guide is currently

Spirit guides are spiritual beings who have, or have not experienced a physical solid-like expression on earth.

Most spirit guides are people you will have never met in this earthly life, but perhaps have met before transitioning into a spirit incarnate (a person within the body).



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Supporting learners to increase Spiritual awareness in Mediumship and Spirit Portraiture via Webinar Classes. Every lesson is experimental and no guarantees are given that any student will become either a Medium or Spirit Artist due to the Freewill and choices of each person.  Anne-Marie Bond