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Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Coach and Artist

31 oct 2020



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31 oct 2020



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An almost forgotten rare form of Physical Mediumship - Join us for the Special Lecture with Experimental Workshop

25 oct 2020





Let your creativity free by practising

the Art of combining Mediumship 

Welcome Spiritual Seekers!



The Portrait of Spirit is an online School for Mediums, Speakers, Psychic and Spirit Artists. It is now running it's 4th, soon to be 5th year online as an open website for anyone with interest in Mediumship and Spirit Portraits! Here you will find online zoom courses, workshops, masterclasses, private coaching sessions, or even private reading appointments. 


Enjoy the array of information awaiting your discovery, from viewing the Gallery of Spirit Portrait Art, to Masterclasses solely on Evidential Mediumship, Speaking to Spirit Art and Psychic Art.  All levels catered from the Complete beginner to the more advanced. 

I have so much passion for the Spiritual world, passing over my knowledge stands natural for me.  My aim is to assist people climbing the rung of their ladder as I believe we are all equal, and if I help you to climb higher than where I stand, maybe one day you might be in a position to pull me higher too.

Hello. My name is Anne-Marie Bond. I am Spiritualist Medium, Spirit Artist and Spiritual Teacher, Business Coach, and of course a Professional Psychic (since aged 19).  I have been advertised in Spirit and Destiny magazine a few times and they called me the Voice Vibration reader due to my ability to give readings just listening to the vibration of your voice.   I've been told many a time about the accuracy of my readings, however, I only tell what I see, feel and sense when doing Psychic readings.   As a Medium, well, I simply allow the voice of Spirit, the loved one wishing to be heard and relay their information to the sitter. I believe its then up to the sitter to declare they received the 'evidence', they needed.


Outside of my spiritual work, (by-day), I am a Design and Delivery eLearning Specialist (Digital), where requests in the business requires me to create professional standard eLearning training programs to support staff self-training from work or home using an IPad or computer. 

I love receiving professional Oil painting portrait commissions, and for digital art (hand-painted) people or pet portraits, whether living or passed.  I also paint Auragraphs and design and make animation videos to promote small one-person businesses selling products or services and of course conducting 1:1 coaching sessions.

I am simply a Life seeker for the truth, and thus use my knowledge to be of service to spirit, whether in the incarnate or discarnate form.  I therefore offer you my services and time to support the jump, to your next stepping stone. 

I have spent many years developing my ability, many lonesome paths I have walked with a tear or two when faced with hurdles from my own fears, lack of confidence at the beginning to overhearing unkind spoken words by people I had once looked up to, but since recognising insecure minds, speaks many untruths.  A pass of rite it appears!

I have also had many highs in my journey, lots of successes and self-accomplishments, lots of laughter, and an abundance of love from all those that see my light.  My financial balance however, had a huge rollercoaster dip as I spent considerable large sums (thousands upon thousands) - I'm sure you can relate - over the years to upskill my ability to the level of becoming a professional in Drawing, Mediumship, Public Speaking, Coaching, Teaching, creating Learner Engagement, to Design and Animation work.  You may find my prices are much lower than other professionals who do great work in their own right, or considerably higher than some people, who perhaps, have learnt over the internet or have only attended a few classes at a college (ouch) without any 'formal' training in the public 'corportate' real world as it were. 

I believe in providing value for money and value of time. It goes both ways and this allows me to give my very best to all commissions I receive, to providing the depth of knowledge I offer in each Masterclass and full support in either the private readings or Coaching 1:1 sessions.

Please accept me as I am.  Someone that is truly invested in your progression to a happier place, in mind, body and in Spirit.  I hope to work with you soon.

Peace be with you!

Anne-Marie Bond DSNUt, TAP.dip


Masterclasses in...

31 OCTOBER 2020

How to Make Professional Oracle Cards or a Tarot Deck


31 - oct - 2020 &

07 - Nov - 2020

You are invited to join our 'Spirit Art Fest Masterclasses' to work with Spirit in three different ways! On 31 October we have TWO wonderful workshops for you to join.

Masterclass 1: How To Design Oracle Cards:

Masterclass 2: Discover Precipitated Spirit Cards

as narrated by Reverend Kevin Lee (Teacher, Author, Speaker, Demonstrator and Lecurer from USA!

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All Welcome

To the Portrait of Spirit Online  School

for Platform Mediumship & Spirit Art

Supporting Training Mediums in their Spiritual Development

White Branch

The Portrait of Spirit

with Anne-Marie Bond Spiritualist Medium

This online school was established 2017, teaching students' all over the world online of course how to improve their skills, find ways to improve their confidence and deliver more effective talk, portrait skills and mediumship demonstrations.

We cater for all levels but welcome those who are Mediums, wishing to engage in increasing their Art skills, or working Mediums from the past, wishing to re-establish their confidence in a safe, caring classroom environment.

White Branch
spirit portrait in pencil

Learn how to DRAW Spirit Portraits

Designed for the 'I can't draw people'!

Receive a SPIRIT GUIDE Spirit Portrait

drawn/painted by Anne-Marie Bond - Spirit artist 

Booking is Now Open

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An online training school for Spirit Art and the standalone development of Platform Meduimship.

Est: 2017 




with Anne-Marie Bond DSNUt

A Masterclass to support your learning.


Are you interested in learning how to draw and interpret the drawing for the benefit of the recipient?  Learning how to become a Psychic Artist can help you increase your creativity in art but also heighten your sensitivity to enable you to read another person's aura through the combination of a drawing.


Can't draw? 

Would like to draw better?

See our Spirit and Psychic Art Masterclasses, for those unable to draw and those levels slightly higher.


Psychic Art Auragraphs

Development Online


Have you ever thought about trying to

develop creativity with the pen and paper?

A 3 hour Masterclass for mixed abilities of students who love colour, creativity and for those who CAN or CANNOT draw! This Auragraph workshop is geared towards beginners who would perhaps like to learn a spiritual art skill to later perhaps develop their skills to a professional standard and conduct psychic art private sittings for others. 

Step-by-step exercises for the *I can't draw for toffee* people or those who little drawing skills. You are all welcome to attend a fun, educational and uplifting afternoon, just for you!  Suited to beginner's and those with 'some' experience.  Be willing to try something 'new'. On confirmed booking you will receive a list of materials (not many) that will be used in this Masterclass.

Booking is now Available







Psychic Art The Psychedelic Lion

Online Workshop


Would you like to LEARN how to paint the lion above?

A 2 hour Psychic Art digital art workshop coming January 2021.  This is to paint the lion above and a bonus for this pilot you will get to paint another power animal. If interested please add your name to the registration waiting list.   

Date 1: 30 January 2021

Time: 19.00 - 21.00

Learn how to paint this lion step by step and learn how to attune to this power animal and gain an inspirational message. Learn how to turn the artwork into spiritual cards. This masterclass contains a mini lecture, demo and classwork. Limited numbers so please ensure to book early.         

Booking is now Available


4 Years Running



An Online School for Spiritual Development

Learn to a Psychedelic Lion Painting



Spirit Portrait Demonstration Skills

with Anne-Marie Bond DSNUt

Have you thought about learning how to develop art skills as a Spirit Portrait Artist?


No matter your level, our online school can help you improve your skills and knowledge to support your development in Spirit Art and Mediumship.

The Portrait of Spirit, Online School for Mediumship and Spirit art development was built to facilitate anyone who cannot draw, or needs to improve their Mediumship skills and may want to learn how to combine Mediumship with their Spirit portraits.  Matchstick levels welcome!

Instagram Live Spirit Art.jpg
Spirit portrait timelapse video

Spirit Guide by Anne-Marie

Learn to Draw

as a Spiritualist Medium


Painting by Anne-Marie

Trance Painting by Anne-Marie

About Me

Spiritualist Medium

Who Am I

London Spiritualist Medium DSNUt - Teacher - Artist - Mentor/Coach. Design & Delivery E-learning Specialist (Digital). TAP Diploma Design & Delivery and Coaching. 

I am an Oil Painter, Digital Portrait Artist, Graphite Artist and paint portraits of People and Animals.

I believe in helping students gain useful tools to help continue their development at home. Most of the workshops and online courses will only seat a maximum of 12 students and this is because I believe in helping those that are committed to 'fast-track' their development.  

I'm Anne-Marie Bond a DSNUt, Spiritualist Medium.  My goal is simple: to help you learn easier methods to reduce fear so you can  TRUST IN YOUR MEDIUMSHIP! I also offer private mentorships.

Welcome to my website, I'm sure you'll find something of interest. I look forward to working with you someday soon.

Anne-Marie x



 or fine art: #bondportraitsart

20170701_103256 - Copy.jpg

Oil Painting

- painted by Anne-Marie Bond

Painting by Anne-Marie

Digital Artwork Composition

by Anne-Marie Bond

I help students who believe they CANNOT DRAW create fantastic artwork! Some join as matchstick men artists or those with a little more basic skills.

Book a 

REACH for the SKY!


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Supporting learners to increase Spiritual awareness in Mediumship and Spirit Portraiture via Webinar Classes. Every lesson is experimental and no guarantees are given that any student will become either a Medium or Spirit Artist due to the Freewill and choices of each person.  Anne-Marie Bond