I have been a professional IT trainer for over 19 years and during that time have been accredited by Train The Trainer, TAP: The Training Accreditation Programme in Learning Facilitation, Training Design, Effective Presentation, Coaching, Training Delivery and Facilitation to name a few.  I have held the DTLLS for over 10 years (equivalent to a Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training).  I now work as an e-Learning Instructional Design Specialist, creating e-learning training videos.


  •  I am a qualified Medium having obtained the CSNUt Spiritualist Medium Certificate in demonstration, speaking and teaching.

  • In 2014, I won the SNU Gordon Higginson Scholarship Award! 

  • I have 25 years experience helping people internationally in Psychic consultancy giving psychic clairvoyant tarot readings.    

  • I am a Spirit Portraiture artist and FineArt artist and draw portraits of incarnate and discarnate spirit people and animals.


I really love what I do.  All classes are designed and lead by me and if you read the students feedback you'll gain a better idea what others really think!. I look forward to meeting with you soon x

Spirit Portrait Artist London
TAP.Dip Professional

What are Spirit Portraits?


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Supporting learners to increase Spiritual awareness in Mediumship and Spirit Portraiture via Webinar Classes. Every lesson is experimental and no guarantees are given that any student will become either a Medium or Spirit Artist due to the Freewill and choices of each person.  Anne-Marie Bond

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