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Booked Services

Anne-Marie Bond reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any person from the masterclass, seminar, tuition group or private coaching session, should she deem an attendee to be disruptive through behaviour, verbally or non-verbally. Once removed, you will not be permitted re-entry and would not receive a refund.

Session Recordings

The class sessions maybe recorded during the session but all students will be notified at the start of the masterclass - and should you not wish for your participation to be recorded you have the right to request this in writing (email) to Anne-Marie before the session begins.  All recordings (video or audio) will be used for public or commercial purposes without the notification to participants each time it is used.  If you look to the top left or right of your device you will see 'recording' this will be your indicator the session is being recorded. If within the lecture part you wish to have your camera off you may do so, however, during practical exercises you are required to have it switched on and before the lecture begins.

Session Prices

Anne-Marie's Prices are set at the content and skill required to be taught and level of work created prior to each session, feedback that would be required, or by a set limited number of student to create a more private intimate setting and handouts students may receive for an individual masterclass. The prices are not set by duration.

You are not attending a session generated by a large organisation or society. You are invited to join a self-taught development process created and designed by Anne-Marie to aid your continuous spiritual progression.  Therefore, the prices also reflect her sole business, as Manager, Administrator, Course Organiser, Development and tutor.  Therefore, a strict policy of cancellation and refunds operates to avoid time-wasters preventing more genuine, serious students to attend as places are limited.


By accepting and paying for any Masterclass you have agreed to these terms and conditions. Anne-Marie cannot be held liable for any 'future' aspect of your life that does not manifest by your hope to do so for having attended one of her classes or private coaching sessions. Should you know of any reason why attending may have an effect on your mental or emotional wellbeing please seek professional guidance from your doctor before attending.

You also understand that these terms and conditions may be added with new content and it's your responsibility to check and read for each time you book a private session and masterclass.

Private Recording

Anne-Marie does not permit any student from recording video or audio in any part of the masterclass without her prior consent.

Refunds: You will receive a full refund if requesting your refund by email within 48 hours of payment and at least 60 days of the Masterclass or private coaching session starting. 

Transfers: You may offer a friend to take your place, however, if unable to make the session, or are late, your session cannot be transferred to another date. . Should you miss the booked session for any reason, i.e power outages at your end nor for your equipment failure, you are responsible and refunds in full or part will not be provided. You will not be entitled to a refund or a transfer if you fail to turn up for the class on any given day.  The host will not be able to answer your call or email 1 hour before the session begins so please ensure to turn off any other appliances that use your wi-fi other than what you will use for the Masterclass.

Camera On / Off

All attendees are requested to have their camera on with one person in view.  Other members of your household would also need to purchase a ticket to attend. Masterclasses may begin with a PowerPoint presentation up to 1 hour with tutor presence camera on or off. Private coaching sessions, clients are required to have their camera on (with their presence) throughout.


You attend any private coaching session, private reading, masterclass for the sole reason to find clarity in any area you are seeking improvement. Anne-Marie cannot make you a Medium, an Artist or Wealthy. This is down to your personal choices as you see fit to make before, during or after your time with her.  She can only show you the mental tools to use, it is therefore, your responsibility to ensure you follow through with the guidance provided, but at all times, always seek professional advice prior to any session if unsure this will affect your mental state of mind.  Whilst Anne-Marie may provide you with ideas - she is not liable if what you want to happen, who you want to return in your life doesn't'. Any person found to be stalking or defaming her electronically or by word of mouth will be spiritually prosecuted.   If you have any issue with what Anne-Marie has said or taught and misunderstood her meaning, then she apologies in writing here. However, give her the chance to resolve the tension by letting her know your thoughts to generate a polite and positive discussion leading to a resolution for both.

Anne-Marie is a self-taught Artist, she has never been to art school or formally trained at an art college, so all her teachings are from that she learnt by her own experience and from those that taught her from the world of spirit. She offers you through her spiritual private coaching unique ways to bring out the next part of your journey to provide clarity and advancement. However, she cannot manifest for you in one session all that you are to be. There are to be acceptance on your part of the experience in life presents you to challenge and encourage you to move towards the boundary of fear to grow and exceed beyond your own self-limitations and thus Anne-Marie's purpose is to help guide you through where she can, however, she claims and makes no promises her teaching will make you 'who you want to be'.  

Anne-Marie has a 9-5 job which does not involve Mediumship, but creativity and thus with her two main loves, art, design, delivery, creativity and mediumship she is able to bring you a vast array of knowledge to help you learn, grow and succeed!


Anne-Marie is not your guru. Your spiritual journey doesn't end with her teaching. However, you will be able to take what you learnt forward into the next chapter of your life.  There will always be a new teacher that appears in your life when the time is right.  Anne-Marie believes all students have multiple teachers to help them navigate their way through this physical repression and beyond.


Never forget where you came from, so feel free to always call her name in positively anywhere you go to offers the same light to others who may also benefit from her teachings.

With that the team at The Portrait of Spirit 

bid you Peace, Love and Harmony

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