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Let Judgement leave your spirit and you will be free from fear! (c)Anne-Marie Bond 2018

Welcome to the first of many Spirit Talks, audio page!

Please sit back, relax and enjoy these Spiritual Talks which are designed simply as Food for Thought on varied aspects of Spiritual Living. They are not intended to appear as a dogma of any sort but as a reflection of the role as incarnate spirit we play in this physical expression of our lives.

Due to the audio recordings being unscripted, there could be grammatical spoken errors (like this one) but you are politely asked to simply smile and focus more upon the message behind the content of the talk that you can take from it. Some of the recordings vary in length and for the best experience headphones are recommended.

The content are not intended to take place of any professional medical advice you may receive.

"Be Inspired to be who you were born to be and become motivated to run through fear reaching the fullest potential of your being". (c)Anne-Marie Bond


I am available to talk at your church, sanctuary, special event or group evening. Please get in touch for details.

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Wear headphones and close your eyes for a better experience

Episode 2 - The X Factor - Coming soon!

Downloadable audios coming soon!

Episode 3 - The Fear of the Drive - Coming soon!

Episode 4 - The Fear in Mediumship - Coming soon!

Episode 5 - The Fear in Public Speaking Coming soon!

Episode 6 - Sitting in the Power - Coming soon!


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