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 for Mixed Levels

(NO previous experience required)

Spirit Guide Portraits

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Masterclass: Drawing Spirit Guides Portraits 

NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE is required for this Masterclass


  • Date: Sunday 08 November 2020

  • Time: 15.00-18.00 (BST) - 10.00-13.00 (EST) - 07.00-010.00 (PDT)  - 08.00-011.00 (MDT)

  • Location: Online via Zoom

  • Entry Requirements: Mixed Levels

  • Cost: £49.00 (small paypal admin fee incurred at checkout)

Students you will work in small groups to enhance your ability at telling a story with a drawing to enhance your skills of engaging the audience at the same time. This masterclass begins with a talk followed by Q/A and then proceeds into the step by step teaching of this discipline!  

Please check your own time zones from 25 October 2020 as the UK clocks move back by 1 hour and therefore the times above may alter.

  • Learn to attune to the spirit world for the betterment of unfolding evidence

  • Learn how to sit for a recipient to create / draw and paint their spirit portrait with Pastel/Watercolour

  • Learn how to draw your own spirit portrait

  • Learn how to begin, draw your own Spirit guide portrait with pastel

  • Learn how to receive the message to accompany the drawing

  • Receive a Spirit guide portrait from your recipient with message

Have ever wondered what your actual Spirit guide looks like?


Within this one-off Masterclass you will be walked through a 'step-by-step' unique, ritual visualisation to help bring awareness to the conscious mind of whom one of your present spirit support helpers is.  Your tutor will guide you on how to intuitively draw and paint a spirit guide portrait from the first mark to the last, to achieve this goal.  Not every guide, will be a Nun, Monk or African / Native American. 


  • Which of your guides will show themselves on paper during this special and unique class?

  • Which guide will be drawn (for you) by one of the other students?

  • What uplifting message does your Spirit support guide bring?

A spiritual mindfulness, relaxing artistic journey through the Art of Spirit to create the alignment of harmony throughout your mind, body and soul.

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Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond

Saturday 08 November 2020 (15.00-18.00)

Details supplied upon confirmed booking

CLASS IS VIA ZOOM - British Standard Time




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