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Mediumship can prove what most people believe at death there is no more. Spiritualists believe our Consciousness remains intact after the body dies. The truth is that the Spirit within does not.
The appointment is held via Zoom and involves mental mediumship, whereby someone from the world of Spirit wishing to be remembered to you may communicate through me to you.
As a natural clairvoyant, I've always seen people subjectively. Once the appointment has been agreed upon, I will send you the zoom codes. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the services, no guarantees are given to the person you wish to hear from steps forward during the appointment time. However, by being open without expectations, you should see that those able to communicate may bring messages from the person you want to hear from.

30 mins: Booked to suit your timetable: 

Friday's or Saturday's


Private Mediumship Sitting with Anne-Marie Bond

Medium, Speaker, Teacher, Coach


30 minutes