Spirit Portraits

Spirit Family and Spirit Guide Portraits are drawings, or paintings that are hand-sketched by myself, the Medium artist, on behalf of a person from the world of spirit who wishes to be drawn for you.  


Whomever steps forward will have their own reason to step forward for you at this time.   My goal is to help people gain claification whether for personal readings to gain insight into their current life, or for those seeking confirmation of their loved ones continual life pregression on the other side. 

Please choose the appointment of your choice and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Spirit Art Portraits

Spirit Portraits - Doodle or Cloud (tablet drawn)

spirit art portrait by ambond

Spirit Portraits - (A4) Email


10 days of sooner for delivery.


Once your payment is made a spirit visitor will be drawn for you from the doodle perspective or the cloud (see image in green).  I allow the face of someone from spirit known or unknown by your conscious mind who steps forward allowing me to draw them on your behalf.  They will give once sentence of encouragement for you.  This portrait will arrive within 3 working days (or sooner).  

Quench your curiosity! Who's there in the wings...? Is it family? A long forgotten friend, or a guest from spirit with a 'positive' interest in what you are doing lately.

Hand-drawn Digital Artwork - Black/White  - £10

Spirit Portraits - Loved ones (Colour - Sepia)

The portrait face of a spirit communicator 

Spirit Portrait for Peggy.JPG

Spirit Friend/Family Portraits (A4) - Email


Completion and Delivery: 1-12 days

The intention is for someone known to you from the spirit realm to step forward where hopefully you will recognise them.All portraits are hand-painted from scratch on traditional paper or like this one via a tablet surface instead of the transitional paper and pencil.

This allows me to automatically email the completed spirit portrait once finished with no postage delay. It will be drawn to 300 dpi allowing you to print up to 9"*12" without distortion.

This portrait arrives with who I believe the spirit communicator to be, relative, aunt, mother etc,  with light evidence about themselves.  When you are able to identify who the portrait is, please send a similar photo and I'll to the website for the comparison.

Hand-drawn Digital Artwork - Sepia Colour  - £49

emailed only with light message


Spirit Portraits A6 - Traditional Paper/Pencil/Colours

A portrait of spirit draw live for Spiritual Online Mediumship Services A4

Spirit Friend/Family Portraits - Traditional Pencil

Free Post (UK) or Email (NON-UK)

You will receive the portrait with the relationship: Optional: At time of payment please email a photo of yourself so I may attune using your photo, however not necessary. However, the initial session will be set to encourage the contact to be successful, but there are no guarantees given.  Guarantees cannot be given the person you 'expect to see' will be drawn



Hand-drawn - Postcard Spirit Black/White - £20

Drawing only (emailed)

Hand-drawn - Postcard Spirit Portrait Coloured - £25

with Message (free UK post)

Spirit Guide Portraits


These people have either walked our earthly plane a very long time ago or higher realms of spirit people who have never experienced life in the human form and assisting those working closer to you.  They are 'alive' but live within an extraordinary realm of life, a realm called the Spirit world. A place which exists beyond our physical earthly plane where consciousness of life is open to all beyond their physical death.

Guidance from a higher level with a 'birds-eye' view could bring enlightenment. A Spirit Guide drawing can help you look at the face of the 'energy of love' working behind the scenes helping and with unconditional love.  Print your artwork into Poster format, frame it and then hang on your wall.  Your Spirit Guide Portrait or Avatar portrait will arrive within 10 working days from payment received.

Spirit Guide Portrait (B/W)

The portrait face of a spirit communicator 

Spirit Portrait by AMBond

click image

Spirit Guide Portraits - (A4) Black/White/Grey via Email


Delivery: within 30 days


These are spirit guide portraits who may not appear as a Monk, Native Indian or African Warrior. I will begin drawing under the influence of your spirit guide. The completed artwork is beautiful and looks stunning when professionally printed onto canvas.  I attune to the energy of your name, so please ensure to email me your name if it differs to your paypal account.

If you wish me to post it to you on canvas or poster print, please email with your full postal address and I will send details of postal payment, if not, the spirit artwork image will be sent by email.  This style of portrait is drawn on a table surface and arrives as a hand-drawn digital spirit guide portrait.

You will receive the artwork plus a personal soul message.   If you prefer a full colour Spirit Guide Avatar portrait, then please see further below.

Click images to expand.

Hand-drawn Digital Artwork - Black/White  - £125

for Krystle

Spirit Portrait by AmBond

for Krystle

Avatar Spirit Guide Portrait by AMBond

for Roxi

Spirit Portrait by AmBond

for Anne

Spirit Guide Avatar Portraits


Spirit Guide Avatar Portraits - A3 ~(400 dpi) Email


30 days or sooner for completion of delivery FREE UK Postage / Packaging

Receive the Physical Poster of your Spirit Guide Avatar artwork. Standard postage and packaging fee of £8.99 outside of the UK to be payable on completion of the artwork.


This is the more expensive spirit artwork I offer you due to the complexity and time it takes to complete.  They are vibrant and once printed to poster size (A3), and framed they are a must have for your spiritual space, room, sanctuary.  I paint the artwork to 400 dpi to retain it's vibrancy when resized to A3.   The energy emanating from the colours and portrait of your spirit guide is very striking.

Looking to give a friend or family member a special and unique gift? Why not buy them a Spirit Guide Avatar portrait... Just make payment and email the name of the person you are buying the artwork for.  I will personalised the artwork as shown in the middle picture above.

I look forward to painting your Avatar Spirit Guide x  They only come in love, peace and harmony to radiate their vibrancy of energy to offer tranquility, wellbeing and abundance into your life.  You will receive the 'abundance word' of which they bring to you at this time.

Click each image to expand!

Hand-drawn Digital Artwork - Full Colour - £250

Spirit Portraits and Mediumship

- Private Sitting WITH Anne-Marie on Zoom

A Mediumship sitting with a sketch of the portrait of spirit

Spirit Art Portrait by AMbond
Spirit Art Portrait by AMbond

Spirit Portrait with Mediumship Sitting (Live - Zoom)


There is a current waiting time frame of 6 weeks to receive a Private Sessions with Anne-Marie.


Please book today and the next available appointment will be given and a time made to schedule a suitable date/time for your time/zone UK or OVERSEAS. 


The appointment is for Mediumship with Spirit Art. Once the session is finished you will receive an email image of the portrait drawn in the session. However, you will see the portrait drawn live.  alongside receiving the evidence of the communicator.


You are paying for a 'private' 1-2-1 session of Spirit Art and Mediumship.  I intend to set the right atmosphere to encourage and invite a loved one to step into our appointment space. Please note, I'm unable to 'force' who you wish to step forward to do so. For better results be open to accept whomever known to you is able to during that energetic space created for the magic of Mediumship. 

The style of art will be chosen at the start of our appointment, either traditional black/white outline sketch, charcoal or water-colour.  The appointment is for 50 minutes - from the moment of hello to our goodbye x

My Time for all Private Appointments - £150


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