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Foundation / Intermediate

Course: 6 Months


Students Entry Level: Beginners or Higher

Start Date: (Suitable Date Will Be Arranged)

Your Mentorship Scheme is Based on Helping You To Understand

The Following Topics to Deepen your Personal Skill and Accuracy

Knowledge base and Articulation at Presenting both Mediumship and Public Addresses

But where needed bespoke lessons will be created to support individual development


There are substandard mediums, satisfactory mediums, good mediums and great mediums.  The category you fall into depends upon your willingness to do what it takes to learn to improve your skill. We have found that Education in Mediumship is vital to the depth of a Mediums knowledge. A mentorship scheme with 20+ students compared to Sole Mentorship course has both advantages and disadvantages, however one of the biggest advantages of sole Mentorship is that you develop faster under the tuition and watchful eye of your designated tutor. Anne-Marie uses structured lessons to help maximize her foundation mentees to reach their full potential in order to begin the journey of developing Mediumship and Publicly demonstrating as a Medium. By the end of the Intermediate/Advanced mentorship you will be ready to demonstrate in Open Platform Demonstrations across the country in preparation for your journey as a Professional Working Platform Medium. You will be expected to do the foundation level if you are not yet a working medium.

Foundation Beginners to Open Platform Mediums
 Over 6 months (foundation to intermediate+)

12 sessions

Fun Classes, Educational and Uplifting

Non-Judgmental Environments

Let's work on the Power of turning No's into Yes's


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Your Single Private Tuition under the Development

of Anne-Marie C.S.N.U Medium plus Gordon Higginson Scholarship winner

Tap.Dip Coach and bespoke, tailored lessons alongside structured lesson plans may apply. This is within the sole mentorship fee as you are having a full, uninterrupted session time per month with Anne-Marie. 

Your training will encompass monthly sessions via Live Webinar

A consultation questionnaire will arrive 4 days prior to the first arranged class.

Mentorship Training Contains: over 150 Presentation Slides with Structured Class Tuition

(subject to change)

Study, Knowledge Work Given to Strengthen Your Skills Outside

of the Presentation Lecture and Classroom

When you complete the mentorship you may join any workshops for free within your training timeframe.


(Payment plan accepted)

Any questions, use the form above

Private Mentorship Application


Use this Form to provide Anne-Marie with details about your experience in Mediumship (if any).  Applications only considered with information about your development thus far and why you want to develop Mediumship


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