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DATE: 04 Dec 2021

4.00pm-9.00pm UK



Welcome to the final specialised workshop of 2021!   For any student interested in Spirit Portrait Art, this is definitely a workshop you don't want to miss. Let's help to discover if there is within you another hidden untapped potential to be of service to the Spirit world.


IMAGINE if you had intuitive drawing skills that you don't know you have as yet, but developed the skill of locating the place where an item or someone was buried?  Imagine if you had the skills beyond Spirit Portraiture to draw Psychic Artist Faces.


This workshop deals with the very practical aspect of death.  Mediums who bring forward messages from the Spirit world to those seeking confirmation their loved ones are safe and sound. However, what about those who in the physical unable to move foward because they are still looking for the location of their loved one.

This is an experimental workshop to test your drawing skills, psychic ability and spiritual ability to provide yourself with understanding how a crime artist works but can you do it?  ​Imagine a family bereft not knowing the location of their stolen pet or jewels - and through your psychic ability and drawing - helped them retrieve what was taken or lost?


As a crime artist imagine the comfort and healing you could provide a family or helping certain establishments 'find or draw the face of the criminal'. Remember your artist skills can be developed to help people this side of life who are in distress and perhaps you might have the potential to help them. 

Many students have a FEAR of learning to draw because they feel they cannot draw.  Becoming a crime psychic artist can mean you don't have to be a great artist.  As long as it's a sketch that represents a likeness you may find you have the 'intuitive psychic artist's skills to make a difference in someone's life. 

Spirit portraits are meant to provide the visual representation of the face of the spirit communicator or someone who is with them.

However, in life we are still a Spirit living a physical experience which means we at times we are forced to be in the path of 'non-spiritual and harmful people'.   Maybe by attending this workshop you will find a new pathway to not only fulfil the needs of Spirit but bring comfort and healing to family and members here.





TIME: 4 pm to 9 pm UK

  • 11 am EDT

  • 8 am PST

  • 10 am Central 

You are responsible to check your own time zone against GMT/BST ahead of the workshop.


COST: £64.87


4.00 pm - 4.15 pm Host Session Introduction

4.15 pm - 4.45 pm  Slide Presentation Lecture Talk

4.45 pm - 5.00 pm Session 1 

5.00 pm - 5.50 pm Session 2 

5.50 pm - 6.00 pm Class Showcase Feedback

6.00 pm - 6.30 pm Break

6.30 pm - 7.00 pm Intro / Session 3 (Video)

7.00 pm - 8.00 pm Session 4

8.00 pm - 8.10 pm Break

8.10 pm - 8.40 pm Session 5 

8.40 pm - 8.45 pm End of Session Feedback 

8.45 pm - 9.00 pm Q.A / Closing



  1. Zoom link will be provided 5 days prior to the event

  2. Due to limitation of student numbers advisable to book in advance

  3. Doors will always open 30 mins prior to event (always arrive early).

  4. Cameras are required to be on 

  5. Refunds are not provided beyond 48 hours of payment made (for any reason)

  6. Recording of the event is strictly prohibited wihtout prior permission

The purpose is to support you learning how to become a Psychic Artist and using your psychic intuition to work towards the ability of potentionally solving a crime.

The session will begin with a presentation talk.



Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip, DSNU

Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.

"As a teacher in Speaking, Mediumship, Spirit Art and Psychic Art I really like to want to try my best to provide a wide variation of possible opportunities to grow in their spiritual unfoldment. I hope you will join us in this workshop. I am not a crime artist or have worked as a crime artist, but have taught this workshop before after researching many, many different aspects bringing it all together in one adhesive workshop for those that may have interest.  Anne-Marie x"