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SPIRITUALIST ADDRESS Private 1:1 Mentoring

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Gaining Clarity Discussion / Technique Training


30 mins

Discussion / Training


1.5 hrs

Discussion / Training

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A private coaching class with Anne-Marie to help you overcome your nerves speaking to others in a group or public audience on Spiritualist Philosophy.  Learn to feel less self-conscious and techniques to help improve your overall performance.  This will improve your confidence, audience engagement, and overall delivery presentations. 


This is a bespoke service where Anne-Marie will review your current ability as it stands, provide the necessary feedback, structure to help you build the perfect address for you.   This is a very practical session to give you the time to put into practice the theory that is learnt within the Mastercalss.   Some coaching clients one session will be enough, for others depending on confidence level may need a couple more. 


Please note: This is for a private session with tutor and student. The cost will always be higher than group sessions.  However, the benefits is the fast-track improvement you gain by having a private coaching session focusing solely on your specific needs.Your investment ensures you are not learning from someone who has learnt their skills over a weekend at college, or via YouTube.

You will gain knowledge and experience Anne-Marie has acquired over the last 10 years to assist you with 'fast-tracking' aspects of your desired goal. She is a certified, qualified Medium and Teacher.

30 mins:

Anne-Marie will listen to your 10-15 minutes

Spiritual Address Delivery, Style, Content and provide Good/WorkOn Feedback

90 mins:

Anne-Marie will listen to your 10-15 minutes 

Spiritual Address Delivery, Style, Content and provide Good/WorkOn Feedback Also tutor you through recreating elements of your address to make it better but also, assist you with designing a mini structured method to deepen your understanding of how to better your Spiritualist Philosophy Addresses


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