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At the moment the services are held monthly (the 2ND SUNDAY of each month).  From May we intend to hold more regular weekly Assembly's when our 6 Assembly Ambassadors for our Bureau is found.

5.00PM - 6.30PM UK GMT

via Zoom (New dates/times will also be included from May)

Once you receive the Zoom codes, they will remain the same every event


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11 April 2021 - Doors Open 4.30pm

Presenting the Spiritualist Address this month is the amazing,

Minister Colin Bates

AFC Course Organiser and tutor


Our speakers change monthly and are invited by Anne-Marie personally. 

Every month, we invite you to join in the celebration of the union of voices, presented by volunteers of the audience.  As a guest this is a place to recharge your spiritual batteries as you sit back and embrace the love through inspirational philosophy presented by those brave enough to step up to the mic. This is a volunteered based assembly on the day open to atteendees to volunteer or attend as a guest.

An event held on ZOOM!

Let's promote SPIRITUALISM Life! Mediumship is just a small facet of our Spiritual unfoldment and there is so much more to Spiritualism, than Mediumship.  The Power of words can ignite Food for thought and evoke the transformational ideas you need.  


Sign in early to avoid last minute technical hiccups as our doors close before the Opening Prayers.

Female Speaker


An informal Assembly service, but, without Mediumship (shock horror).

There are natural born speakers, maybe you are one and don't even know it yet.  However, not everyone is born to speak and the FEAR of opening ones mouth to share words from the online platform, can cause a nervous shudder of fear.

Our new Assembly is to assist REMEMBERING we are Spirit first, with a physical voice, we do not have to be perfect

  • it's O.K. to stumble

  • it's O.K to falter

  • it's O.K not to be perfect,

but it's never OK, not to try if that's what our heart tells us.

You have the Power of words to share and help the audience reconnect with the God Power, the great Consciousness we are all a part of. 


07 MAY 2021 - 20 AUGUST 2021


Speaking is the number 1 fear for most people, whilst dying is second. Therefore, some people would rather die than step towards the mic for public speaking.

Perhaps you might volunteer?

When asked raise your hand. Watch the video at the bottom to see the itinerary.


Seasoned Speakers will be invited to present an address, whilst others maybe invited to give a Spiritual reading. All other spaces are open for you to volunteer. Our only expectation is your Mic is CLEAR and LOUD

This is meant to be organic, natural and will hopefully generate a space where you may develop trust, and your raise self-confidence in the art of 'finding your inner voice'.

Teenage Students Raising Hands
Japanese Interior


Every month, we invite you and a friend to join in the celebration of the union of voices, presented by volunteers of the audience.  Recharge your spiritual batteries to facilitate working on yourself, before, working to serve others.

This is not a workshop, nor a divine service and not a demonstration of Mediumship. It is, an Assembly of Spirit Inspirations allowing those present to volunteer in embracing public speaking, but also paying homage to our God presence through the diverse Opening prayers.


We welcome our departed loved ones to join and take at seat with us in our embrace of love without any demands being asked of them, and as one Assembly, 'we remember them'.

We hope you will leave us feeling recharged by the offering of organic expression by our union of voices.

Our doors close 'before the opening prayer' - please be in early.

Please unmute the video sound.

Time: Zoom Doors 4.30pm UK GMT

Start: 5.00pm - 6.30pm

Cost: Free / donations welcome to paypal: (optional)


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