for Trainee AND Working Mediums - where we put Theory into Practice
This is a weekly CLOSED group session maximum 12 students for their spiritual development in Mediumship demonstrations focusing on the written formula, the attunement, mechanics and practical presentations of theory learnt.  This is not a weekly, fledgling demonstration circle.  

Welcome to the weekly FRIDAY DEVELOPMENT SCHOOL 

for students wishing to improve their abilities as a developing Medium and Spiritualist speaker. Suitable for students who have sat in an open or closed development circle (minimum 3 months).  If you looking for Mediumship online to develop or continue your mediumship training you will find student's in the Friday classes of Mediumship are taught step by step to Higher Intermediate levels. An online teaching school for Mediumship geared towards training mediums and designed to promote confidence and spiritual awareness. 

since April 2020
until September 2020
5PM - 6.30PM



5PM - 6.30PM

Private Members Area -

Members receive full access to uploaded monthly material, handouts, video's and audio's uploaded by Anne-Marie. 


Learn to Demonstrate without Fear


  • Practice your Spiritualist Philosophy skills

  • Learn how to correctly Sit in the power

  • Learn how to increase your confidence

  • Discover how to give deeper evidence

Learn to Improve the Quality of your Evidence

  • We cover Mediumship theory with exercises 

  • Gaining 'confidence' is a huge focal point

  • All students sign-in at least 5 minutes early

  • Student's commit to these monthly classes because of gaining structure to their skills 

Feel safe to develop with other like-minded student's

  • A tuition programme opening the classroom that is free from judgement, ridicule and lost time on needless chit-chatting.

  • A classroom where you can feel safe, drop your inner fear and unveil your very best.

Learn to Keep your Audience Engaged with your Message

  • You will be taught by Anne-Marie Bond a certified DSNUt Spiritualist medium. Anne-Marie is also a qualified, professional TAP.dip teacher, Design and Delivery Instructional eLearning Specialist.

  • You will taught exercises to enhance your qualities to become stronger, as a future platform medium. Improve your confidence when speaking publicly, and demonstrate with better, clearer evidence.

Audience Clapping

Small Group development is less intimidating than LARGE groups

  • Small group numbers - maximum 12 students - 

  • Mixed levels - more suited to any level of students who following the SNU principles

  • Paying for single classes the day before or same day as event - cannot guarantee entry if the class is full - we recommend to buy course or single session in advance, at least minimum 3 days


Pay Early to secure your place - limited to 12 only


Sept Tuition 2020  Monthly Fee £45.00

Each Friday from the  04th to the 25th

Small Paypal admini Fee applies at checkout.

Students on this month get a free session 02 October 2020.  Let's work on how can our evidence be more specific to work for the new online way of making a contact i.e. Allowing the chair person do the job for you and you as mediums focus solely on the 'evidence.

This class starts with

  • Sitting in the Power (10 mins)

  • Talk Evidence Intro of the Communicator (15 mins)

  • Full Class Demonstration with Chair person working the audience for you. (60 mins)

  • Volunteers based only 8 mins pp.

  • Close for the year and what's next - where I'd recommend you go to continue development.

Students who completed Aug/Sep will receive a feedback email of strengths and areas to work on.


with Anne-Marie DSNUt (TAP.dip)




This will only suit students serious about upskiling their knowledge and skill, privately. 

I Offer once a month tuition for 1.5 to 2 hours.  This is a bespoke service and based on what the client is hoping to achieve.

Some students require only 1 session. Others going for assessment etc, may require a little more.


Our first session will be for 2 hours (via zoom) and involves a 30 min consultation looking at what your current skill / ability is, then a blueprint is created to formulate a structured way to assist your ability so you leave with tools to continue working with to strength your chances at meeting or completing that goal.


The sessions other student clients have booked me for are: (all via Zoom)


Mediumship development

  • Clients book this session to improve an aspect of their Mediumship which is holding them back from progressing to the next stage. Usually, what students think it is, I usually end up showing them what it really is, bring clarity to what they didn't even think about.


Speaking development (Philosophy, Confidence, Inspirational) 

  • Clients book me to help improve their structure and understanding in presenting a Philosophy talk on Spiritualism, or an inspiration talk (working without a script) - this helps those preparing for a board assessment in speaking publicly or those that just want to overcome their nerves in speaking in front of people.

Spirit Art (Portraits)

  • Clients book me to help improve their drawing skills and learn how to combine Mediumship with their spirit portraits, IMPROVE their ability to draw, fast and well using a wide range of materails.

Designing Your Own Soul Art Oracle Deck of Cards

Want to learn just with me how to develop your own set of Soul or Tarot cards? Let me know you how the experts do it!  Step by step I will walk you through what to do, whilst observing you on your own computer or paper designing your first card.  One your complete deck is done I will show you how to get your cards printed cheaply but professionally.


IT'S YOUR Business Idea Mind Mapping - getting started

  • Clients use this service to get an idea for a business off the ground. We look at what will make it work, pitfalls you might not have thought about, what's the delay in getting you started - is it you, is it life, is it someone else and then we proceed to work through a structure to get you to climb the first rung of the ladder to begin that momentum every business idea needs.

Spiritual LIFE Coaching

  • Sometimes all we need is to have someone to LISTEN, as we discuss what's most bothering our Soul, to receive spiritual suggested guidance to unravel the tangle in our mind so our thoughts have clearer perspective.  The session starts with me asking you a few 'comfortable' questions to get started and then we proceed looking at what's most bothering you right now, life pitfalls, ideas, spiritual progression, etc


Computer Training Skills

  • (I hold a MOS EXPERT certificate and an IT Trainer for 20 years)

  • Are they aspects you want to learn in powerpoint, word or even excel?  Spending an hour and half with me to give you all the great tip points to help improve your skill base and confidence. I have taught adults between 20 and 85 how to use computers so you would be in good hands

This may suit you if you want direct help, without others being in the room, to allow you to ask all the questions you want.


I support students with their very own blueprint of tools to creatively IMPROVE what you are doing to FAST TRACK some elements of your development. 


This service is a private coaching service and there is no negotiation on my fee unfortuantley, as I invest a lot of time, pre-planning and investigating other resources that may assist you when you are 'not in session with me', as well as providing my experience, skill and knowledge to up-skill what you do at a faster rate. You are also paying to be the ONLY student to receive 100% tutor's attention.


I know what you will walk away with and to invest the up-skill your knowledge and skill you really can't price that, especially if it helps to assist you in breaking through that FEAR and replacing it with new found CONFIDENCE!

Your Knowledge and Skill Investment for a private session will be: £150 per session. 

Once you register your interest below, you will receive an email to discuss your preferred session date and time.  This can be within 3 days of payment received.

See you soon! x


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