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Masterclass: Mediumship and How to build Stronger Evidence

This is a great workshop if you are looking at ways to improve your Mediumship evidence. You will discover how to interpret the information better and what to say should you get a No... in order to help turn that frown upside down. Lot's of techniques given!


Masterclass: Mediumship and How To Build Stronger Evidence

This masterclass is aimed at those less confident in their Mediumship ability and may want to discover new ways in learning how to deliver their Mediumistic skill better.

  • Discover how to unfold the story by following a simple but powerful technique

  • Discover what to do if you get a No, and learn how you can turn the No into a possible Yes!

  • Discover how not to beat yourself up if your demonstration doesn't go as planned

  • Discover how to compare your ability with those your admire and look up to

  • Discover how to present your Mediumship from the sheer fright and fear

  • and lot's more!


By attending this masterclass you will discover ways to improve your evidence by using the mind muscle to learn 'how to go deeper'.  


You will need pen and paper for this Masterclass.

Booking Early is Highly Recommended

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Spiritualist Medium DSNUt

Spirit Artist & Fine Artist

She is a self-taught artist to a level of  commission professional realism artwork.  A professional teacher of adults for over 20 years and 8+ years as a  Spirit Artist and Medium. 


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