Become Your

Kind of Medium



27 FEBRUARY 2021

This is a tutorial workshop to explore how you can become 'your kind of medium'.

  • Are you struggling to be the medium you know you can be?

  • Are you losing confidence?

  • After 'all the years' are you still questioning why you are not 'quite' there yet?

It is geared towards those of lower intermediate levels and more experienced. 

You should already be able to:

  1. Make a contact

  2. Understand the 3 ways to perceive spirit

  3. Go direct or open up

  4. Aware of the importance of sensitivity

  5. Know why it's not good to diagnose​ or predict

  6. Understand the difference between Psychic Mediumship and Spiritual Mediumship

How often do you watch mediums in services that are not Spiritualist based and give good information but is actually 'psychic based evidence' of the recipient's life instead of the spirit communicators?

Learning to become Your Kind of Medium is understanding your Mediumship, but also reviewing others. What do you like about other demonstrations of Mediumship you see?  What do you see that you would ensure NOT to use in your own Mediumship.


Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona


The majority of student's FEAR is public speaking. Learning to present a demonstration of mediumship publicly is a whole new level of fear.

Trainee students FEAR getting it wrong.  That's ok if this is you too.  Working in this workshop will help you with tools to use outside to work upon growing your ability to overcome your FEAR and establish yourself as Your Kind of Medium you want to be.


Fear of Spirit not being there, or giving general information and no-one puts their hands up.


What if your evidence style (due to being unknowingly underdeveloped) brings no quality or the presence of theSpirit communicator?  What if friends boost your ego and say 'great job', 'well done', when in fact it was pure psychic interpretation of Mediumship?

To overcome the fear it is to build the strength of your evidence, and relay the spirit communicator's true message.  The classroom should be your playground to accept first failing in order to succeed before demonstrating publicly. 


We will support your growth, in a safe and non-judgemental environment, but with the techniques to stretch the student and in that learning discover how to be 'your kind of medium' that provides proof and truth, in life hereafter.


If you feel your mediumship is an on-going uphill struggle, you may benefit by coming to this workshop and identifing where you are.


We engage in exercises that help to expand your mediumship evidence from one or two pieces of information.

We help you to relax in your mediumship presentation and how to slow down as it is our belief student's do not have to talk continuously believing you will lose the link if you stop for a breath.


Attend this workshop to improve your presentation and audience engagement to support yourself in becoming a stronger, and more effective mediumship demonstrator.


The exercises provides you with a script in what to ask the spirit communicator (our guests from spirit) to learn what it feels like and the difference between asking and surrendering to the information. 


You are going to experience how it feels to 'not control' what they have come to say, but discover how to surrender and unfold from once piece of information the entire evidence.  This will strengthen your goal learning to let the Spirit communicator lead the way.

As you read this, it's possible you may have questions about your own delivery, evidence accuracy, confidence or trust.

Image by Octavio Da silva
Image by Brett Jordan


The aspect of this workshop is to provide truth. 


Is your evidence General, Emotional pulling evidence, or specifically believable. Very Good, means your evidence was great, your delivery great..  or could be better, meaning your evidence is purely general, surface and at times psychic.


However, being that we are living a human experience, until we have GROWN in the CONFIDENCE levels we need to OWN our MEDIUMSHIP, sometimes having others be honest and fair in their opinion can do wonders for our self-esteem.  

Your kind of medium is learning how to deliver your presentation but also learning how you work with the evidence.  Do you just give surface information under pressure or will you allow yourself to relax and allow the communicator to befriend you and lead you, instead of you leading them.


In this workshop we believe receiving honest feedback one way or the other with details.

When we get the details of 'why it was good', or 'why it could be better', leaves our analytical brain knowing what to focus on.

The Objectives

  1. Review your style of Mediumship

  2. Show you how to stay with the initial piece of evidence

  3. How to stop leading Spirit 'vs' asking your questions to lead Spirit

  4. Identifing your strength of evidence

  5. Discover what 'Your Kind of Medium' is

The goal is to leave knowing are you near to the ideal place you want to be as 'your kind of  medium.' and what methods will pave the way for you to develop more to support you.

Always remember, even though we teach the skills that could help you as a person, the ultimate teacher is those in Spirit.   To learn to train with them (click here).

Online Mediumship can STILL provide quality evidence and bring and rejoin two souls together as in a l ive demonstration.

Trust yourself and you will trust your mediumship.

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Intensive Workshop 

TIME: 3 pm to 6 pm UK

  • 10 am EST / EDT

  • 9 am Central

  • 8 am Mountain

  • 7 am Pacific

You are responsible to check your own time zone against GMT/BST ahead of the workshop.


COST: £40.00

Zoom link provided 5 days prior to event. ZOOM ID  927 0116 0835 your password will be sent with your zoom details.

Advisable to book your place early due to limited spaces. 



Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip, DSNUt (Demonstrator)

Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.

"I love teaching student's how to explore their spiritual gifts and helping them to raise their level of confidence, and feel safe to get things wrong, in order to learn how to get them right. I hope to see you in this class.  Anne-Marie x"


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